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Think we’ll get any Terra and Aqua’s backstory in the episodes to come?

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It would be interesting but I kind of doubt that we would. Dark Road is focused on how Xehanort became the seeker of darkness and revolves around him when he was young, he doesn't cross paths with the BBS trio until much later on in his life so I'm not sure how they would be able to tie that into the point in time we're at with KHDR. 

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It would certainly be nice to see some more info on them, but I doubt they'll include anything like that in Dark Road or Kingdom hearts X. It is something I'd like to see included somewhere, though; we know how Ventus came to Eraqus, but where did Aqua and Terra come from? Were they orphans, or did their parents send them to train with Eraqus?

7 hours ago, ocean's rage said:

terra could use more depth, or anything really

Agreed. Of all the characters the series has to offer, he's among the ones that need the most fleshing out. And Jason Dohring's consistently flat line deliveries do not help.

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