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Marvel in Kingdom Hearts - Potential Key?

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This is not the first forum posted around the idea of Marvel in Kingdom Hearts's universe, and surely, it won't be the last. But I have been thinking about a potential clue around how Marvel could be introduced in Kingdom Hearts, and I believe the "key" is around one of the latest villains crated by the House of Ideas: KNULL, the God of Symbiotes.   
Kingdom Hearts' main topic is around the conflict between Light and Darkness, so a villain to link Marvel with Kingdom Hearts should be around this same topic too. And I believe the best candidate to represent that concept in Marvel is the new character introduced like the God of Klyntar (more commonly known as Symbiotes), Knull. According to his bio, Knull was Cosmic Being that represented Darkness, Void itself, and his existence was previous to the universe itself. Then it came the Celestials, who brought the Light to the universe with the Big Bang. Knull was Darkness incarnated, so he hated the mere existence of Light. He started a war against the Celestials when the Universe was young, and to serve him in combat, Knull created the Klyntar/Symbiotes out of his own shadow. Their terrible battle made the firmament tremble, as Knull killed almost all Celestials. However, the Klyntar, resentfull against their creator about how he used them, they turned against him and imprisioned him inside a pseudo planet that would be known as they, Klyntar. And now, in the future arc known as "King in Black", Knull has escaped and it comes to Earth to turn it into his base to sink the whole universe back into Darkness.   
In the last games of the franchise, Sora's parkour moves has made me think a lot about Spider-Man, so it sounds fitting that a villain associated "partially" with Spider-Man would be Sora's main enemy in Marvel. I can imagine the Heartless being merged with the Symbiotes and becomes something really terrible for Sora and his friends. Marvel has a lot of iconic villains, just like Disney, but if there's one that would match Sora's mission in Kingdom Hearts, that would be Knull without a doubt. What do you think?

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