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Double OKP

What do you think the realm of Quadratum really is?

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What do you think the realm of Quadratum really is? 

1. The realm of Quadratum is unreality/fictional
Ansem the Wise did say it is unreality, but he was hypothesizing so who knows, he could be wrong. 

2. The realm of Quadratum is the world the 'ancient Keyblade Masters' crossed over to.
In this case, let's just say 'the ancient Keyblade Masters' are the Dandelions(because them being the Foretellers doesn't really make any sense). So the world the Dandelions would have crossed over to would be data Daybreak Town. (I think Yen Sid mentioning the ancient Keyblade Masters crossing over into another world is just Nomura setting up the way how the modern KH crew will discover the secrets of the age of fairytales.)

3. The realm of Quadratum is the 'emptiness'
Xehanort has mentioned 'emptiness' several times. And he describes Quadratum as 'neither of light nor darkness', which could be emptiness.

4. The realm of Quadratum is actually the real world
I've seen some people theorizing that the realm of Quadratum is the real world(because Quadratum has real life places) while the KH universe is actually the fake world.

I think the realm of Quadratum is unreality...and the emptiness that Xehanort mentions. First of all, there is a lot of evidence that it is unreality. For example, Riku reached Quadratum through dreams and the Yozora boss fight took place in Yozora's dream. Sometimes when one dreams, they dream of something that never happened; something unreal, fictional, which is how someone can reach unreality. And there's something that keeps appearing around the clues of Quadratum: dreams(I won't go into detail because it is a very extensive, complex topic). Also, it would be kinda weird if Ansem's theory turned to be wrong. And about the emptiness: Xehanort describes the realm of Quadratum as a world neither of light nor darkness, which could only be...emptiness(I can't think of anything else it could be). He also says this in one of his Dark Road dialogues which could explain how he discovered it:


But I had no idea what lay ahead. Something more terrifying than the darkness - emptiness.

At first I thought the realm of Quadratum would be the data Daybreak Town but by this time I've found a lot of evidence against that theory. 

What do you think the realm of Quadratum is?

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well i think the idea that its the real world because there are real world locations is daft cause we have loads of worlds with real world locations

if it is fictional world then it makes sense that it takes the form of a work of fiction in this case the game verum rex

at the very least it could be a place where lost hearts end up like with sora. yozora implied that he was not in his real form so he may be another lost heart who took yozora's form

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I'm inclined to take Ansem the Wise at his word, that being said I always interpreted it as Quadratum being a world within the realm of unreality, not that Quadratum is a realm itself. 

As for the theory of it being the real world I'm with ocean's rage on that, since we have real world locations in many of the Disney worlds as well. Though it would be pretty ironic to say it's the real world while being in "Unreality." xD With all the FFXV type vibes it was giving off, I feel like they were going for a similar "fantasy based on reality" type theme.  

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i would go with the first one the thing one, while I believe that Disney should always play a core part in the franchise I do also think that now the first saga is over and the fanbase has all grown up it would be fiting to explore different Realms who knows who they could get into the boat. 

I dont know about the real world since I have no idea what sora and the gang is supposed to do in our world (maybe go to disney world? HA!)

and the other options mayd be true though this new realm sounds Like something that has to be something beyond our regular conception

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