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Double OKP

Speculation: The Potential Significance of the color Red in the future of KH

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There have been significances of colors in the Kingdom Hearts series, such as the distinct gold. If someone had golden eyes, one could immediately assume they held a fragment of Xehanort or were of the darkness. 

One particular character's eye colors stand out. This character, Yozora, has the condition heterochromia iridium; one of his eyes is blue and the other is red. I've heard people saying that it may be because in one of the trailers of the cancelled Final Fantasy Versus XIII, Noctis's eyes turn from blue to red. That could be a reason, but there could also be something else. There have been two occurrences of red in Kingdom Hearts III and Re:Mind


This is when Young Xehanort blasts Sora into the game of Verum Rex in Toy Box. I've recently been wondering: why was the color of the force Young Xehanort used red? It could have easily been the color of KH darkness. 


This is during the Armored Xehanort fight when he does that meteor attack. The red can be seen on the No Names and inside the keyholes.

Wait a sec...why are the eyes red??? The Master of Master's eyes are red....

The strange thing about these scenes is that they both have to do with Yozora's [seemingly] home world: Quadratum. Young Xehanort blasts Sora into the world of Verum Rex/Quadratum, which is where Yozora comes from. And, the scene with Armored Xehanort has to do with the Kingdom Hearts III Secret Ending. In this attack, he strangely summons a moon. If the player were to turn around, they would see Kingdom Hearts on the other side in the sky. That phrase, 'on the other side', has been used in Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory to describe the world of unreality/fiction, which is what Quadratum is a part of. But that phrase can be used to describe the placement of the moon in that battle. The moon, then, could have a connection to unreality. In the secret ending and in Quadratum, the Master of Masters makes a heart shape with his hands at a moon.

Edit: I just realized that the meteors are only on the side of the moon; they're never on the side of Kingdom Hearts. Also, the sky in that battle has a setting of a night sky. Speaking of Yozora...(whose name means 'night sky')

This red also reminds me of something else: the Reality Stone from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It shares the red color.

(For those of you who don't know anything about the MCU, the universe in the MCU is made of seven stones, one of them being the Reality Stone, which represents the fragment of reality)

Nomura wanted (I think, I'm not sure) to have the MCU in Kingdom Hearts, but it didn't work out because of complications between companies or something. It wouldn't really be surprising if he 'inputted' an MCU element, right? 

This red, which seems to symbolize reality/unreality, could have some significance in the future. Maybe.


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