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Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] Fan Dub Part 1 Now Available

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The Kingdom Hearts community recently untied for an ambitious effort, dubbing the entirety of Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross]

Led by Kingdom Hearts content creator damo279, several fans provided their vocal talents for this project, comprising 36,000 words and 1,500 lines across roughly five hours of footage.

Today, the first video of this fan dub was released, consisting of the story content in the original Kingdom Hearts χ [chi], alongside scenes from Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover and Kingdom Hearts Union χ at specific points to provide clearer narrative context.

The credits for everyone involved in this first video of the Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] fan dub are listed below:

Director, Editor & Producer:

  • Damo

Project Manager / Coordinator & Assistant Director

  • BatuqueOnda

Assistant Editor & Credits Sequence

  • Jeremy Love (2.41 Productions)

Script Transcribing 

  • Damo
  • RKS Legacy

Additional Translations

  • Cherrim

Promotional Material

Production Consultation

  • Damo's Stream

Special Thanks

  • DeVon Williams
  • BatuqueOnda

Voice Cast

Chirithy / Dark Chirithy



  • KindredMelody




Master of Masters

Master Luxu

Master Ava

Master Ira

Master Gula

  • Caleb S (@KALEEB-CALEB)

Master Aced

Master Invi

Darkling #1

Darkling #2

Darkling #3

Male Keyblade Wielder #1's Chirithy

Strelitzia's Chirithy


Male Keyblade Wielder #1

Male Keyblade Wielder #2

Male Keyblade Wielder #3

Male Keyblade Wielder #4

Male Keyblade Wielder #5

Female Keyblade Wielder #1

Female Keyblade Wielder #2

Immense thanks and congratulations to everyone who worked on this fan dub, as not only is a project of this magnitude inestimably difficult to complete, but it has granted all of us another method of digesting and experiencing the χ [chi] storyline in a new, fresh way. 

You can view the first part of the Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross] fan dub below:


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This is really cool to see! I had a few friends who didn't touch the KHUx/KHDR story because they didn't like the 2D mobile game style or it didn't hold their attention. This could be the project that brings in a bigger audience to this story :)

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