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What Square Enix game should get a HD-2D style remake?

What Square Enix game should get a HD-2D style remake?  

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  1. 1. What Square Enix game should get a HD-2D style remake?

    • Chrono Trigger
    • Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories
    • Final Fantasy VI
    • Gex
    • Final Fantasy Tactics

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Chain of Memories would be my pick. Although I did enjoy Re:CoM I think there was something special about CoM in the 2D form that makes the experience that much more enjoyable than playing Re:CoM.

Speaking of, there is a YouTube creator named DigiDev who was working on a 2D Kingdom Hearts Unreal Engine fangame. I remember seeing it years ago in the early showcase stage with Castle Oblivion as the testing ground. Admittedly I haven't followed since I first saw it but I just checked up on it and it's still being worked on. Looks like he's taking a unique spin on the KH story in his own way. Here's a link to one of the videos if anyone wants to check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T-tb2Y4wtpg

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