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Have any of you ever "followed" a KH voice actor?

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Well... Mamoru Miyano is Light from Death Note ( Japanise dub ) and Riku. I don't play kh in japanese 1. because it's not possible without buying the copy from Japan. 2. Because there wouldn't be english subs for me, and I can't read japanese. But I watch Death Note with Japanese dubs, and english subs. So i guess I've KINDA followed Riku, 'cause I really like his japanese voice, and like to watch some of the cutscenes from youtube in japanese.

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If anyone is really bored you could try and follow Christopher Lee (Ansem/Diz) and watch his many, many, movies. That should keep anyone busy for a very long time. Some of you are probably too young for his Hammer films though. 

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