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  1. I prefer just Sora, but if I have to pick I guess Roxas will do.. Also, I think this is like the 50th who-should-we-play-as post...
  2. It had an older Sora, better (although easier) combat, better graphics and AWESOME boss fights.
  3. 7. There was barely anything I cared about. Only Nintendo did well. Sadly I'm not getting a Wii U
  4. You pretty much just described the ending of a certain Final Fantasy game that we all know, but that I will not mention in the fear of spoiling the game to someone.
  5. Persona 4 was better in my opinion.
  6. You know what? This is so true that it almost makes me angry.
  7. Don't expect too much from Second Son. As far as I know I think it has LESS powers than Infamous 2 did. It's a fine game but Infamous 2 beats it by far.
  8. I choose standard. I don't want to suffer for hours just trying to beat a boss. I also don't want to feel like a noob on beginner. If a game is too hard it makes me unable to enjoy the story.
  9. I don't ship, but Axel and Roxas really do have something I think...
  10. 1. Characters 2. Music 3. Gameplay 4. Story (would be higher, but I feel it's gotten a bit messy since kh2. Still love it though) 5. Art
  11. I don't know about you guys, but I still think that out of the eight thousand fully canon sequels kh2 is still the best.
  12. Disney and Final fantasy? Sounds like an awful idea for a KH game! >_<
  13. I think it's mostly because there barely has been any romance in the series, so we start seeing it where there is none. ALTHOUGH I do agree that Sora and Riku do seem to get along pretty well.. But I think that the first sentence of this comment is something we should take to consideration.
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