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After asking his seemingly "open ended" question, Victor began to laugh and talk. After talking for a while, Victor began to vent. As Victor vented, Jake listened to every word and analyzed every single sentence. Jake stayed quiet, allowing Victor to vent and to get a better idea of what was going on in his head. They made a left after walking 3 blocks and then a right after 2 more blocks. Jake paid special attention to Victor venting about how he broke Tabitha's trust and how Jake couldn't even begin to understand the stuff the he's gone through. They walked on for a few more blocks until they finally reached their location, the Buzzed Siren Club. Jake then turns Victor and says.

"You don't have anything to worry about, Victor. Firstly, Tabitha can't really stay angry at you because you've already made to strong a mental connection with her and you know that. Secondly, sometimes I wonder if everyone forgets that I have psionic abilities. Victor, the first time I met everybody, I looked into your minds to see if I could trust you guys. I've seen pretty much all of the things that you refuse to let anybody know. Most people would be looking for a way to dance with Mistress Death in her grand ballroom of the dead, but you chose life. I truly respect you for that because our paths are similar. I would want nothing short of being possibly reunited with my sister and comrades, but I understand that I need to stay here. I may not know why, but I understand that a reason will make itself know. Also, here is a pro tip: don't beat yourself up over those who have died. It's selfish and you disrespect those who have died by not allowing their memory to remain peaceful. Now with that said, we enter and we can drink to your hearts content."

When Jake finished speaking, he opened the door to the club and was approached by a security guard. 

"Hey! Long time no speak, Jake! How have you been?" The security guard says.

"Hey, Malcolm! We just can into town and I decided to drop by. I've been a little stressed. How are the kids doing? Is Stacy's prosthetic arm doing okay? Does it need any tuning?" Jake responds

"Everything is great! It's just dandy. Oh, by the way. Karen was asking about you." Malcolm says while nudging Jake.

Jake blushes a little.

"Shut it Malcolm!" Jake says playing into Malcolm's antics.

Malcolm then looks behind Jake and sees Victor. "Who is your friend?" Inquires Malcolm.

"A good friend of mine. his name is Victor." Jake answers. "By the way, where is Karen?"

A voice is heard from around the corner that says "Right, Here."

Karen comes into full view when she turns the corner. She is wearing her normal work uniform which leaves very little to be desired by the human imagination. 

"Long time no speak, Jake!" She says with a smile.

Jake smiles back and hugs her. "Man, I missed you guys!"

They end there long embrace after about 10 seconds.

"I have your table ready for you guys. Just follow me." Karen says.

Victor and Jake are seated and Karen brings over a rather large bottle that has 'Cream Soda' written on it and a glass with a big cube of ice in it. Jake pours some of the cream soda in the glass and knocks it back.

"Man I love cream soda!" says Jake

"I know. I still don't understand why, but I respect your decision." Karen says and then turns to Victor "What would you like to drink, sir?"

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Orali was not great at cards for lack of knowledge of the rules, but- "ooh, stories!" Ironically enough, she did not know many good ghost stories. That would be fun!"Woah!" The spirit laughed as, for the third time that day, she was knocked off her feet. No wait, it had been hands the last two times. Ah well, she bounced as she sat down in the carriage, she supposed they counted too. It was an upside down day.

She started slightly as Z suddenly grabbed Nine's neck, before relaxing as he explained what he was doing. Still...

"I don't get it." The girl stated. "How can black magic heal people? Isn't it dangerous?" She leaned forward, curiously examining Z's movements.


(I have permission to post as Snake)


Raven silently began getting herself ready to go. She had birds coming in to help her put away things. It was going to be a very different experience at this circus with Nine here.



Snakes snakes curled around his neck, smelling Nine and inspecting him.

They would mutter things about how different he was compared to the rest of the circus people. He smelt new.

Snake watched as Raven stormed off, feeling a little bad for her, but he was also upset about what Nine said.

He then began heading back to his tent to get himself ready for the next trip.



     "Oh, it most certainly is dangerous, no question about that, dear spirit.", the demon happily responded. "However, if this one isn't human or if I'm just careful, he'll be just fine. Might I remind you, I'm not a real doctor by any means. I'm just a very last resort!~", he boasted. "I mean, I do not get to do much because nobody really visits this old demon. For shame!", he said to her. Just then, Mr. Z could feel something slither near the tips of his fingers and quickly pulled his hand away in surprise. 

"Oh my! More guests! How exciting! When should I begin to tell stories!? Ooh, the excitement is maddening!", he exclaimed.

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While Nine was seemingly being strangled by Mr Z, the boy began to jerk back and forth in agony, the dark magic coursing through his body. With his crimson eyes peering open slowly, Nine grit his teeth as he looked over at the demonic doctor.

"What the hell are you doing to me?!"

Nine pushed himself up into a sitting position slowly, cringing at the feeling of something foreign coursing through his body. His hands reaching up to his head, feeling a surge reach the inner workings of his mind.

"What is this?! This thing is inside my head!!"


"Nine? Don't be stupid, of course that's not my real name. That's just a number I use in order to remind myself of my past. You wanna know more about me? Then you're gonna have to rip my mind apart before I let anything else you demonic piece of trash. Now, if you would kindly... GET OUT OF MY HEAD!!!!"


Nine let out a scream, forcing Z's dark magic out of him, oozing like smoke from his mouth. Nine breathed heavily, coughing a little. It was true, his wounds had healed, but he was certain that he wasn't about to let someone invade his private thoughts. Glaring at Z with cold eyes, Nine held up his hand with flames sparking in between his fingers.

"If you ever try that again... I will make sure that all that remains of you is a pile ash."

Nine clenched his fist, extinguishing the flames before lying back down. Taking a deep breath, the boy then smiled at the good Doctor and Orali as if the intimidating stare from just a second ago had never existed.

"Now, how about we go get some food?"




Victor followed Jake into the bar as he gave him advice on not letting the deaths of those who've died haunt him. Even if he needed to hear it, he was sure that Jake wasn't the one that he needed to tell him that.

"Just because you saw my memories, doesn't mean that you were there..."

Victor mumbled, not wanting to look ungrateful but still feeling the urge to say something. As they walked in, Jake began chatting with some of his friends, leaving Victor feeling a little out of place. Sitting down, the Vampire was asked what he would like to drink. After seeing Jake order something ridiculous, Victor became sure that they would most likely serve him anything he asked for.

"... Can I get a cup of English Tea with milk and three spoon fulls of sugar please?"

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Orali nodded at Z's explanation. She supposed she shouldn't have expected much else from the councillor, and it almost made sense... Except that Nine was human from what he had said in his 'introduction.' She would have to try to visit the demon more, although not for medical issues, hehe... The pyrokinetic red head suddenly jolted forward, and Orali jumped slightly, starting to move forward to help as the boy grabbed his head before subconsciously shrinking back as dark magic began pouring from him. And, wait, did he just threaten a guy who had been trying to heal him when his neck was torn open? The spirit smiled cheerfully."Hello Mister Nine," that was not ok. "I don't believe we have been properly introduced. My name is Orali! I like gardening, handstands, tearing up things that hurt the people I care for, crackerjacks, stars, and making my friends happy! What about you?" She innocently blinked her large blue eyes once for extra effect. "Oh," she added as an afterthought, "and we are in a moving carriage, so, unless Z has something, getting something to eat will have to wait." Edited by Kingdom Key D

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Sam was quite shaken. It took him a moment to realize Kate and Nate was even there. Sam appeared... Distant. Upon hearing the twins call his name and wrap their arms around him, Sam jolted from whatever trance he was in.

"..H-Huh? What?" He asked, shivering as they hugged him. Sam realized he must've been drawing attention to himself so he tried to calm down. As easily one of the youngest, he often appeared to be a scrawny incompetent kid. He believed he was at times.

"I'm... Fine." Sam uttered softly, looking down as Flaire approached. At least he knew he had friends he could count on. "I was sleeping in the caravan and I... Had a bad dream. I was in the shadow world when a hand came out of the water and grabbed my by the ankle."

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    "Oh. Pssh. Silly me. I must not have really noticed in full. Heh heh.", the demon chuckled. "Well, I can tell that is a surefire sign that my magic is not desired in your vicinity.", he assumed. After that, he shut himself up so that Orali could speak. He was interested in what she had to say. "Yes! This young lady is quite the charmer, wouldn't you say?", he added. "And, yes. I can make things with my magic that are completely harmless, but I'm sure you aren't too keen on that, Senor Nueve?...", he teased playfully.


     "Ooh hoo hoo, I'm kidding, I'm kidding! I have some things in my bag; Magic-free! Ha ha ha... I-It's just alcohol, though. Ooh, and does that sound good to me!", he exclaimed. "Oh! Also, I'm not sure if either of us asked. How was your first day here at this Sad Clown convention- I mean, circus?" He asked as he took a bottle of alcohol out of his bag for himself. "Heh. It was a joke. If this place were filled with clowns, I'd be out of here in a jiffy. Clowns are bad luck, you know!", he rambled.

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"A bad dream?" "Well that isn't unusual. When we first got here we used to have bad dreams all the time. Right Kate?" "Yeah but he's not new. He's been here before. Bad dreams are abnormal." "Did I hear you right? Abnormal? In this place?" "You know what I mean so shut up." The twins bickered, turning their attention back to Sam as they offered their hands. "Let's stay together in your carriage then. If some bad guys come and get you through your dreams we'll kick their butts!" "Or we can at least help protect you from whatever monster that we might encounter tonight." The twins smiled as they wrapped their arms around Sam reassuringly. It asn't unusual for the circus to be attacked whether on the move or settled down. Gather multiple supernatural creatures in one place and you're bound to attract some attention. Both good and bad. All routes they took were usually alternate routes to the main highways. You can't exactly have a parade going on and around in the highway. So they always went on the routes closer to the woods or natural habitats...much to their dismay. Just last year they got attacked by a bunch of Werewolves after they entered their territory. Very awkward. Happy walked over to one of the carriages. It was heavily reinforced with steel doors, multiple locks, and chains. "Come out little ones! Time to move!" Happy said as he snapped his fingers. Like that the locks clicked open, and the chains dropped onto the floor. The doors creaked open as multiple enourmous, two headed horses walked out, their eyes glowing in the dark as they shuffled around wildly, looking agitated. Happy hushed at the horses, gently carrising their heads. "It's fine. You're ok." Happy hushed, leading them away from the carriage and to the main one, right on the front where the railings were ready for them. The horses settled down, allowing themselves to be suited up to be able to pull the line of carriages. Six horses, three on each side, each with two heads. All ready to pull the carriages with ease. "Good boys." Happy smiled, waving his hand as he turned to the rest of the circus. He pulled out a megaphone, getting it to his lips as he began to speak outloud. "Alright everyone! Let's get ready to move! Admit yourselves to whichever carriages you want! You can move in between carriages but if you fall while we're moving I can assure you that you might not survive once you go under one of the wheels!" Happy said, lowering the megaphone as he turned his attention back to the horses. The twins looked up at the announcement and looked back down at Sam. "Come on. Let's stay together at your carriage for the night. We can tell each other stories and get your mind out of that bad dream." Nate suggested. Tabitha looked up from her carriage. She looked down at her cards, visions flashing infront of her eyes as a sharp pain struck her. She shook her head, walking over to her bed and lifting up the mattress. She pulled out a shotgun from underneath, along with ammunition as she began to load it up. "It's going to be one of those nights." Tabitha murmured as she closed her window.



The horses:


Posted Image


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Sam at first felt rather reassured that it was only a bad dream... But when it was admitted that such a dream isn't normal, Sam couldn't help but worry. The twins slipped into a state of bickering which was normal for them, so Sam stood there in silence as he watched them bicker. He never knew if he should intervene or otherwise.

When the twins told him their idea, Sam couldn't help but smile. It was nice to know that he truly had friends- no- family who cared about him. It was a strange family- but it was still family.

Happy announced that they were to be leaving. Sam nodded at the offer from the twins. He liked being in his caravan anyway.

"O.... Okay." Sam said with a soft smile. "Do you wanna come with Flaire?"

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Nine stretched his arms out, yawning loudly as he jumped onto his feet, stumbling slightly as he realised that the carriage was in motion.

"Interesting. It looks like we're moving. I guess this is a traveling circus after all. Anyway~... Today's been pretty fun! There ate several interesting people here and they look like fun to fool around with! Of course, encountering Victor has left a poor taste in my mouth, but that was more or less to be expected."

Nine rummaged randomly through Z's belongings, presumably searching for some kind of hidden food stash. There must be food somewhere. The idea of no food could never occur to Nine. Remembering that there was actually in the vicinity, Nine's legendary smirk reappeared on his face as he somehow managed to slide along the floor until he was right next to Orali, putting a hand around her shoulder.

"So~ You're a spirit huh? That's pretty interesting. I've seen spirits before, but you're the closest a human-like form I've seen. So, what brought you to the Circ-Uhhh!"

Nine paused, his face contorting violently as he looked as if he were about to sneeze. He reached to his right and grabbed a nearby bag that he'd found and sneezed into it. Except, when Nine sneezed, it sounded abnormally forced. As he lifted his head back up, the back was completely filled with warm, sweet flavoured popcorn. The "teen" ate the popcorn nonchalantly, seemingly unfazed by its sudden appearance.

"So, as I was saying, what brought you to this Circus? ... Popcorn anyone?"




While hanging out with Jake wasn't so bad, Victor felt terribly out of place and even lonelier than when he was alone in his carriage. Finishing his drink, Victor got to his feet and tucked his hands into his pockets.

"Jake, I'm going back to my carriage. I'll see you later."

And just like that, Victor turned and left the club, heading for the forest. Realising that Happy mentioned they all had a show elsewhere tomorrow, they would probably move the carriages during the night. Realising this, Victor figured he could rejoin the carriages more quickly if he took a straight walk through the forest. However, the forest at night is no place for anyone, not even a semi-immortal Vampire. Strolling through the forest, Victor felt a little more at home with himself, looking up at the dark branches with the bright moon in the background. The way the sky currently looked reminded Victor of the way he felt about himself. A small light surrounded by nothing but the overwhelming darkness of the world.

"Say... Which way should I be heading again?"

Victor stopped in his tracks and looked around, seeing nothing but trees and branches in every direction. Things wouldn't have been so bad if that's all that Victor had to deal with, but the silence was interrupted by a loud howl.

"... That's not good."

Victor suddenly began running through the forest, coming to the realisation that he was no longer alone in the forest. He needed to make it back to the moving caravan and warn them that there were Werewolves in the forest they were traveling through. Just ahead, Victor could see a few lights from the many carriages, but he was unable to take another step forward. This was because, in front of him, a large shadowy figure began to rise up to almost twice Victor's size. The figure stepped out into the moon lit night, causing Victor to step back as slowly as possible. The growling beast overshadowed the Vampire, fur covering the beast from head to toe. This was a werewolf, and odds are this one was a member of a pack. Victor bit his lip as he planted one foot behind him, getting ready to fight the werewolf.

"If I can just take out one... Then the others will have an easier time."

Despite the situation, the thought of Nine telling him to die came to Victor's mind and the thought of how he drank Tabitha's blood.

"Even if I don't win... I probably deserve to die anyway."

The werewolf let out a loud howl before running at Victor, swiping with it's claws. The Vampire was quick enough to evade its attacks, but was still getting scratched here and there. Victor grit his teeth, his fangs poking out of his mouth while the pupils of his eyes sharpened even more. Victor traded blows with the werewolf, scratches appearing over both their bodies. Victor backed up a little, blood running down his arms from his wounds and fingers. Victor retreated towards a tree, but found that the werewolf was already on to him. The Vampire flashed a vicious smirk, realising the werewolf's mistake. Ducking low, Victor dodged a blow that would have taken his head off. With his right hand suddenly straightening, Victor plunged his arm into the werewolf's chest. Victor pulled his arm back, covered in blood and the beast fell to the ground dead. Victor breathed heavily, coughing as he caught his breath.

"Now to warn the others."

Victor took a step forward but froze as he heard the sound of growling behind him. Looking over his shoulder, Victor saw several pairs of glowing eyes in the dark forest, approaching him slowly. Victor had no choice, he had to run for the caravan and get some help otherwise he would end up dead.

"Happy! If you can here me! You better do something!"

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Raven sat with her legs under her as she fed some owls a mouse. She didn't like owls that much, but they were one of the only birds that came out at night.

Snake was also on top of his carriage beside her, just kind of staying quiet.

Something broke his silence though.

"I smell blood.....says Oscar." Snake muttered.

Raven's wings perked up a bit, hearing something very very faintly in the distance, a pitch was off in it too. Another Owl came rushing out of the woods, straight to Raven.

It was frightened and lost a bit of feathers.

Something was wrong.

"Snake. Go tell Happy something is wrong in the forest. Someone might be in trouble." Raven warned, standing up.

"I'll go with you....says Wordsworth." One of Snake's snakes slithered over to her carriage, Raven picking him up gently and letting the snake wrap around her arm.

"I'm going to figure our what is wrong." Raven said, lifting her skirt and revealing her hidden knives.

They weren't any knives though. These knives were attached so some of the strongest silk she has ever come across, and she used the silk to make her knives an extension of her body.

"I'll be back when I make sure everything is okay." Raven held the silk with her knives in her dominant hand, Wordsworth in the other hand.


With that, Raven took off. Her wings soaring through the air, looking frantically from where she thought she heard the sound.

Wordsworth could not talk without Snake, but was good at making his points known. He stuck his head out in a certain direction as if saying "over there".

Raven followed this direction,sure enough coming upon a very small clearing.

There was a trail of blood visible, Raven landing slowly and softly to the ground, keeping her eyes and ears peeled as she followed the blood, stopping as soon as it got extremely strong.

There was a werewolf, dead. All of this was not just werewolf blood. It was too much.

"Shit..." Raven hissed under her breath as she heard more calls from the different owls. She had to find out where this blood trail led...and it didn't lead that far.


Meanwhile, Snake frantically ran through some carriages to get towards the front towards Happy.

"Happy! Someone is in trouble....There is something wrong in then forest....says Oscar."

"Raven went to investigate...but we noticed the slight smell of blood...Raven heard a call for help....says Oscar." Snake warned.

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The twins nodded. "Let's go get Flaire and get together! We can play monopoly and have a sleepover at your caravan!" The twins suggested, speaking in union as they smiled at each other. Happy paused from petting the horses, looking his head up as he sniffed the air. Soon enough Snake came by, coming to warn him about the blood that wifted through the air. "You smelled the blood too." Happy said as he glanced up at the forest ahead. "The werewolves have attacked earlier than expected...who the hell decided to head ahead without the rest of the caravan?" Happy sighed. He looked over at Snake and tilted his head. "It appears that we are going to have to go help them. With the whole family on tow. Snake, I want you to follow Raven and warn her that I will be following the trail along with her. To keep watch because I'm about to ram the entire caravan and hopeful to run a few of those werewolves over." Happy said as he winked. He walked over to the side, pulling on a string of his carriage as the sirens on each side began to blare the emergency siren. "We have a werewolf situation! We're going into Charge Mode! Let's go! Let's go! Everyone hang onto something!" Happy yelled, jumping onto the top of the carriage. The twins looked at each other as they heard the siren. "Uh oh." The twins said as they grabbed Sam and hurried to his carriage. "Let's leave the doors open!" Nate suggested. Usually doors were left open so that if anyone had fallen they were given the chance to get back onto one of the carriages. "If we're going into Charge Mode this is going to be bad." Kate said as she gulped. Nate looked over at Sam. "We might have to fight something off if it tries to get in here." Nate said with a wary smile. It was never a good thing when they were going into Charge Mode. "Flaire, over here! Come with us!" Kate called from the carriage. Happy took hold of the reigns, having the horses aim right into the forest, following the scent of the blood. From underneath the carriages black tentacles reached across each other, connecting each carriage to each other. The tentacles made sure that no carriage was separated from the other while in Charge Mode. They worked as a team and allowed the other to know where they had to turn in order to avoid upcoming debris. If one went left, the rest followed smoothly without much trouble. They were of course a living being that simply was part of the strange circus. Tabitha opened the hatch of her roof, climbing up as she took out her shotgun and got ready to shoot anything from her spot on the roof. This would be a long night. "Engaging Charge Mode." Happy spoke, gripping the reigns as the horses neighed. Happy smiled down at Snake. "You better hurry and warn Raven. Wouldn't want her to get thrown underneath the wheel." Happy said with a happy-to-go tune.CODEX ENTRY: Charge Mode

The caravan of the circus usually travels in normal speed. Slow enough to not cause anything to fall over yet fast enough to reach their destination. However in emergencies, it can enter in Charge Mode, where the horses are able to pull along the carriages at extreme speeds compared to a charging train. These speeds can knock away trees or debris from their path, as well as try to loose anyone trying to chase them. Fights are common while this is done, usually taken on the rooftops. It is a dangerous event, as whatever falls under the wheel usually doesn't come out in a complete piece. Whether it be animal or man.


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Snake was on it, nodding silently to Happy. Snake then, with all the might in his legs, darted off to the direction the blood was scented.

For once, he spoke without tongue of his snakes.

"Raven! Watch out!!" He called out, his snakes slithering quickly though the woods.


Raven was starting to back away to warn the others until she heard Snake's call. She quickly took flight, Snake's snakes turning back and getting to Snake before they got to far.

"Sorry Snake." Raven swooped down, once again able to pick him up rather easily and holding onto his arms tight, keeping him off the ground as the caravan came charging right towards where they were.

Raven quickly landed on top of the caravan, right near Happy.

"There wasn't just werewolf blood! There was someone else's blood mixed in there too." She warned.

"Who are we missing?...says Wordsworth." Snake asked, Wordsworth traveling back on Snake's arm from Raven's.

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Orali continued smiling at Nine as her thoughts raced by. First he had completely ignored her blatantly obvious threat, so tearing apart people who hurt your friends was normal for him or he just didn't care. It would make sense that someone who had picked a fight with Victor wouldn't feel intimidated by someone like her, but most people would be at least a bit more cautious. Then, he was confident enough in his abilities that he was sure he could beat her or anyone else relatively easily? It was a good thing she was a cheater. The acrobat hid a slight flinch as the pyromaniacs hand landed on her shoulder.

"Yep! This is my super awesome disguise." Most spirits had one, few ever used them because they weren't stupid enough to be around humans that often... .. That was the other thing, though. Neither she nor Mr. Z had disclosed her species. Did Nine recognize her only because he had seen others, or was there another source? Regardless, Orali was hardly about to start spilling her life story to a stranger. Even if it was an upside down day.

"Woah!" She instead drew her attention to the mysterious bag of popcorn. The spirit looked around, trying to figure out where it had come from. She hadn't even smelled it before. Her investigation was stopped as a siren rang out. Walking over to the door, Orali stared out into the dark forest, the reflection of her glowing blue eyes staring back at her as the carriage jerked and the trees began to fly by.

"I wonder what it is this time?"

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Nine stared out of the window at the sound of a siren going off. Eating a handful of popcorn, the red head approached the door leading out of the carriage and peered out into the darkness.

"Hmmm... I may be mistaken, but there seems to be werewolves chasing us. If I had to guess, they'll be at this carriage in under three minutes."

Nine handed his bag of popcorn over to Orali, thinking he might be safer with the werewolves than with her.

"Standby here my little cupcakes. It's time for the Magician to make his debut."

Opening the door, Nine threw on a light coat before making his way onto the roof of the carriage in preparation for the attacking beasts.

"... Someone must have stepped foot onto their territory and now one of the werewolves has been killed."

Nine sighed and moaned in frustration as only one person came to mind about who could have done this.

"I bet it was that idiot Vampire again. One of these days he's gonna need to be put down before he gets me killed..."

Nine then noticed something that caught his eye. A few carriages down, towards the back, Tabitha was peering out of a roof hatch while holding a shotgun. Making his way over to her cautiously, hoping she wouldn't shoot him, Nine knelt down to Tabitha with a slightly more serious expression on his face.

"Hey! Isn't it a little dangerous for you to be out here?"

Nine was about to suggest Tabitha to get back inside her carriage when he suddenly heard the sound of footsteps approaching. An entire pack of werewolves was chasing after a lone figure in the forest, all of which were heading towards the caravan.

"Damn it! I knew it! That idiot Victor pissed off the Werewolves! If I'd just killed him earlier, we wouldn't even be in this mess!"

Nine grit his teeth in annoyance, his hand suddenly surrounding itself in flames. This time, the flame wasn't just for show as it grew larger in the red head's palm, launching out at the werewolves as a projectile. The fireball hit and caused a mini explosion on impact, knocking a few of the werewolves away from Victor. The Vampire seized his chance to get up on the carriage, meeting up with both Nine and Tabitha. Victor stared at both of them awkwardly as one of them was the girl who's trust he'd betrayed and the other was the man who'd attempted to end his immortal life. However, to Victor's surprise, Nine was the first to speak.

"Look, I still think you should die, but if we don't work together now then everyone else will be in big trouble. I may be called crazy, but I'm not unreasonable. For now, let's just work together as two members of the same Circus, deal?"

Victor hated the idea of working together with Nine just as much as he was sure that Nine hated working with him, but he knew that the pyromancer had a point.

"Fine. I'll work with you for now, but this is only a one time deal. I'm not going to give you another chance to mess up my life.". Nine snickered as he got to his feet on top of the carriage, cracking his knuckles as both of his hands lit up with fire.

"Trust me, you don't need my help to mess up your life Victor. Don't you think so Tabitha?"

"Shut the hell up and leave her out of this!"

Victor gritted his teeth, making sure that he was standing between Tabitha and Nine as they faced the Werewolves that were coming at them. Victor reached into his coat, taking out two knives and holding them backhanded. Victor looked back at Tabitha before avoiding her gaze.

"Even if you hate me... I will protect you no matter what. I won't lose you again."

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"Onward!" Happy screamed, the horses calling out as they began to pull, and so they entered into charge mode, the trailers and horses advancing at the rate similar to that of a freight train, leaving nothing but dust behind in its trail. "Out of the way, Raven, Snake!" Happy yelled, watching as they ran over a few werewolves, barely missing Raven and Snake as they drove by. They could hear the sound of breaking bones and whaling from the crushed werewolves underneath, blood plastering as body pieces went flying from beneath the carriages. It was a bloody mess. The same tentacles from beneath the carriages that kept them together reached out to help Raven and Snake onto the carriages.


Charge Mode Fight: Werewolves!


Tabitha glanced up at Nine and at Victor. For once since the two met in a rather violent meetup, they decided to fight together to fight against the common enemy. However she couldn't pay attention to the heartwarming moment; there were werewolves to fight off. She loaded the shotgun, the glint of the silver bullets in her hands. She aimed and began to shoot, helping out with the werewolf infestation.


"We've got werewolves!" Nate screamed, staring in utter horror as he watched the werewolves jumping onto the carriages to attack.


CODEX ENTRY: Charge Mode Fight


Charge Mode Fight is when a fight happens while the Circus is in Charge Mode. These fights can vary from one enemy to multiple. These fights are usually taken place on the roof of the carriages, which are accessible through the doors on the roof. It isn't uncommon for the enemy to find their way into the carriages themselves, which one will have to find a way to kill them within a confined space. Be careful when fighting on the roof! There are many obstacles that can be encountered there besides the enemies. Tree branches, signs, bridges and many other things can get in the way, pushing you off the roof. Whatever you do, NEVER FALL OFF THE TRAIN! We won't stop! Grab onto what you can, cling onto dear life, and do what you must! If you fall while in Charge Mode, not only will you be left behind, there is no chance of you surviving from going underneath the wheels.



CODEX ENTRY: Werewolves


No one knows their origins, but they do know that their sickness is as easily caught as the common cold. Scientifically known as Lycanthropes, they are humans who have the ability to shapeshift into ferocious wolf hybrid beasts, and the other way around of them being able to shapeshift into humans. They are strong and are even stronger on the nights of a full moon. Wild werewolves live in packs, and are nomads that travel from place to place to hide from humanity and in look of resources. Modern werewolves remain in their human form most of the time, living among humans as normally as one would. They are extremely territorial, and will fight until death to defend their territory or to avenge one of their own if angered. To become a werewolf isn't hard. It can be transferred like a virus, taking only a scratch or a bite of an infected to transfer the Lycanthrope virus. Infected humans have a hard time to control their transformations, especially on the full moon, and are easily hunted down if discovered. There are currently secret training facilities in order to help those who wish to live as human, despite their sickness. Werewolves have a simple weakness: Silver. Silver bullets penetrate through their skin while other bullets won't. Silver itself also burns at their skin, extended exposure causing rashes and simple illnesses. If you want to go against a werewolf, you're better off fighting with a silver fork than an entire armory.


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"Thank you for you help Happy!" Raven called out, pushing Snake into the caravan.

They needed silver. The weapons she had on her would not work against the werewolves.

"Snake. I need you to do me a favor." Raven turned to him as the hell from outside could be heard blaring inside of the caravan.

"Yes?....says Emily...." Snake's eyes looked into Raven's.

She was serious.

"I need you to watch out for the injured and take them to Z." 

Snake nodded silently. Take the injured to Z. 

He and the snakes would check on everyone.


"Thank you, Snake." Raven smiled at her companion, then rushing off like a mad man towards her carriage. 

It was hard to travel on foot due to the continuous bumping, so she flew ever so slightly off the ground. 

She burst through her carriage doors, pulling some of her curtains and aerial silk cloth back. Believe it or not, Raven had quite the collection of weapons hidden on her walls.

"Silver...Silver....Silver...ah." Raven was frantically looking until she found what she needed.

It was a rapier sword, the blade made out of pure silver. She prefers not to let people know where she got it, but it sure did the trick. 

Raven opened the hatch on the roof of her room, greeted with a mess load of leaves and sticks. She was going to put on a little show. 

Raven flipped herself upside down, her feet latched onto the handle of the door that was on the roof of her room. She could do this. 

Her body was practically flung over the side of the caravan, her arms reaching out with her sword in both of her hands. She would cut the werewolves as they came up. Her body was the silk, her sword the performer. 

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The howls of a pack echoed throughout the forest, alerting many. Including a female and her own companion. Although, the howls weren't heard by Zamira first. If it weren't for her doglike companion, she never would have paid attention to what was happening in the forest. The onyx colored three headed dog towered over Zamira and without hesitation, hoisted her onto his back and ran towards the howls, giving a ferocious one of their own. "C-Cerberus! Stop! Where are we going?!" As they got closer, the sounds of wheels, yelps and fighting passed through her ears. 

The ride didn't even last a minute before they were on top of the commotion, Cerberus already in attack mode, tearing apart three werewolves of his own. 

"Holy-" Another werewolf jumped up, aiming for her with claws but a second after, disintegrated into ash from her demon blue fire. 

"Is that a..train?"

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Grant stumbled through the dark of the forest, sprinting as fast as he could in order to avoid the police that were after him. He figured he would eventually be able to pull himself out of this situation as he had countless others for the past two years.


"Note to self, check your surroundings more thoroughly for cameras when stealing food." He muttered to himself, panting as he continued darting around the trees. He could hear the footsteps of the cops getting closer. Before long, Grant had run out of stamina and leaned against a tree. He ran his hand through his large afro.

"Well, you had a good run. Prison won't be so bad; they got free meals, a bed to sleep on. You can even get married in there, I hear."

As he closed his eyes awaiting his incarceration, the sounds of the footsteps stopped, as the sounds were replaced with screaming, followed by howling and indescribable sounds of chewing that Grant tried not to think too much about.


Grant began to panic. He could only assume that the policemen met their demise, and any creatures big enough to take down four men above the height of 6 feet would surely have no problem devouring him. He frantically searched for any other sign of life, something that might be able to save him from these creatures that he heard getting closer and closer to his location.

"Oh God, please, someone, anyone please help me out here..." He squealed.


As if on cue, Grant saw a blur of attached carriages rushing towards him at an alarming speed. Without thinking of the possible dangers, Grant plopped himself on the ground, and reached into his rucksack pulling out the notebook and pen he had picked up during his failed heist at the Walmart he robbed. Quickly he began to draw a very rough sketch of a rope, drawing as much detail as he could before the carriages had entered his vicinity, and adding a hook to one end. When he had finished, the black ink began to rise from the paper, spiraling into the woven pattern that Grant had designed for the rope. Within seconds, the ink had solidified into a decently large rope, landing in his lap. He quickly rose, tying the rope to his rucksack and began spinning the rope in his hand as he waited for the opportune time to throw the rope.


"Come on... come on..." A bead of sweat fell down his forehead, until the carriages rushed past him, only a few feet away from where he was standing. He chucked the rope, successfully hooking it to the top of one of the carriages. He was immediately pulled, the force of the carriages on Grant's body being lessened through the rucksack. He pulled himself onto the top of the carriages, just as the rope began dissipating in the air. He pulled himself up.


"I guess weirder things have happened." Grant joked, blocking out of his mind the absurdity of a set of carriages traveling this fast. The carriage he was standing on passed over a huge bump, nearly knocking him off the carriage as he lost his notebook over the edge.

"Guess I'm on my own for now..." He picked himself up, and, hearing the commotion on top of the carriages ahead of him, began to follow the source, with the intention of whoever was running the speedy carriages.


Grant had finally arrived behind a woman older than him gracefully wielding a sword, and facing large wolf-like creatures. Defenseless without some form of paper and pen, he hung behind within a visible distance behind the woman wielding a sword.

"What kind of Freakshow is this..." He pondered.

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Just as her sword cut through a wolf, Raven drew it back very quickly. She curved herself swiftly to stop a wolf from crawling up the other side of her carriage as the caravan took a sharp turn, her having to hold firmly onto the carriage as her sword cut through the beast. As she slain the beast, there was a boy in the path of the carriage...in the path of the incoming wolves...and in the sight of the freaks that they were.


Raven let her foot unlatch from the handle of her sliding door, zooming out with all her might to grab the boy from out of the way.

It probably would have been best to let him die...but Raven has learned there is potential in everyone.

She reached up and grabbed the roof of her carriage, the caravan trying to throw her off. She was practically hanging off the edge, using her strength to bring her up, treating it like an aerial silk.


Raven threw the boy through the door on top, tossing herself into the door, closing it shut behind her. She held her rapier straight, pointing it at the boy.



She pulled the silk cloth with her knife off her leg, letting her knife fall the the ground as she gagged the boy with the dry material. Instantly gripping onto he boys arms and locking his hands behind his back, her eyes staring straight into him without saying a word.

Raven's wings were stretched out, showing every single one, squeezing the boys small wrist.

"I'm not too sorry about this...but as soon as you saw this caravan, you saw too much. If you don't want to have all your blood drained from your body, poisoned, or become vulture kill, you will shut your f***ing mouth and face." Raven grit her teeth at the kid.


"I know a very hungry vampire who would be happy to have some food...so you're coming with me and our leader will determine your poor little fate. Think of anything that can make you worthy because we are already in the middle of a shitstorm, and you just made my night a little bit longer..." Raven pushed the boy under her wings, covering his face so he couldn't see anything at all as he was pushed towards the front of the carriage where Happy was driving like a madman.


"Happy, a little boy was about to get crushed by the carriage...I should have let him get killed, but I was told to show a little more respect for people..because they could be of value. Do you wanna see the little punk?"

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Grant was taken aback by how much he had seen within a matter of half an hour. A swordswoman with such agility and grace had killed wolf creatures, creatures he deducted had murdered the large policemen that were after him. And now he was being thrust into a world he was not sure he was ready to be a part of.

"Wait, did you say vampire?" He asked, though his words weren't audible being muffled by the gag. He wasn't sure of the validity of the woman's words, but considering the circumstances, he figured he had better be complacent, until he could find his way out.


Grant glanced around for any opening of escape. He had lost his notebook to the forest, but figured he wouldn't have enough time to draw anything quick enough to help him out even if he had a paper and pen on his person. Not to mention he had never used his ability in front of anyone, and made a rule for himself to keep that talent of his to himself.


I guess I'm at the mercy of these people. Grant thought to himself. What have you gotten yourself into, Grant? He awaited the answer of what they had in mind for him.

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Orali nodded at Nine's words as he climbed out of their carriage. Werewolves? So she would need silver if she was going to aim to kill... Nah, it was probably their own fault, anyways.

"Well," the spirit smiled at Z as she shifted out of her disguise, "I'm going up! Shout if you need anything." She quickly scaled the wall and hopped out the door on the roof, spreading her claws and crouching to maintain her balance. Further down the line Tabitha, Victor and Nine we're teaming up against the main pack, while Raven was picking off stragglers. Wait, nope, Raven saved a boy and went inside. Well, she could fill that role then. Recklessly letting go of the roof, the acrobat glided down the train, flipping and spinning as she used the trains momentum opposite to her own to gain greater force. She kicked her legs out as she hit the first werwolf that had gotten that far, sending him shooting off to the side, hopefully out of range of the wheels. Her actions sent her flying to the side as well, so she hooked her claws onto the edge of the carriage, swinging forwards with centripetal force and hitting another wolf on the head. She couldn't help but laugh a little as adrenaline flowed through her. Charge mode was the only thing that could beat free fall on the trapeze.

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