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The Feckless Youth




10 years ago, before the events of Kingdom Hearts 1, we follow three young warriors: Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. All follow their teachings of their mentor, Eraqus (pronounced AIR-UH-KISS) to become Keyblade Masters. Terra and Aqua take on the Mark of Mastery judged by Eraqus, as well as Master Xehanort. Suddenly, Eraqus learns that Master Xehanort disappears and was informed [by Master Yen Sid] of the rising manifestations of negativity called Unversed. Terra and Aqua were sent on a mission to investigate the mysteries of the Unversed and Master Xehanort's disappearance. Meanwhile, Ven is informed by a mysterious masked boy about Terra's upcoming fate and Ven goes after him before it's too late. All lead to a fate that effects the future events of this series.



Before I begin, I will dedicate a drawing on each character. The order I go is Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. From them, will only be judged by character and gameplay. There will be 4 posters of Birth by Sleep. The last one will contain my overall thoughts on the entire game, extra content included.



Starting with Terra. He, out of all the characters, is the most controversial, at least with his character. If anything, I hear a lot of people really hate Terra for his....um....naiveness and gullibleness (and his...arrogance? Ignorance? Stubbornness?) to put it lightly. The best example I could think of why people hate is through HMK. Please understand, I do not hate HMK. Heck, I respect his reasons why he doesn't like Terra (not calling you out my dude just don't know anyone else that hates him more than you LOL So I hope you do not mind me using you as a reference). However, personally, I am more midground with him (Terra). While he did make stupid decisions and he was quite a dunce, but he was still a good person through any circumstances. Dare I say, he has a good heart. I will restrain from that to avoid spoilers.


****People compare him to Anakin Skywalker. Both let their heart talk instead of using their head. They have people they truly care for and are willing to fight for them. However, there was one thing Terra had that Anakin didn't: the will to stay a good person and is internally fighting back simply because someone forced upon an unfortunate fate that affects the future events of the entire series. Anakin, on the other hand, made a choice to follow his darkest desires. At a cost, lost his loved ones and his morality.****


Then there is the gameplay. Now THAT I am not a fan of. He was heavy and slow, especially from his "dodging" which are mostly dash sliding. I one time had to go through his gameplay style when fighting some secret bosses. I will tell you right now, if you want a challenge, he is right here. I had to redo SO MANY battles to get it finished. Aqua and Ventus are better candidates for secret bosses because they are faster and their dodges are broken (easily invincible from rapid attacks, which I'll get more into when I finish them). The damage he inflicts on enemies and bosses are somewhat impressive, but it lacks speed and is low on magic. That is just a type of gameplay I am never a fan of. In terms of order in story, I am glad Terra was first. Getting the worst out of the way to get to the best.


So, in short, I'm actually tolerant with this character, despite his obvious flaws. I do not hate him as much as HMK, but I can understand why people like HMK do. The gameplay, however, was not that pleasant....at least through bosses honestly. So, for those who want to do a platinum trophy for BbS, good luck.




I was actually REALLY excited making this, as well as the others coming up this month. I want you all to keep an eye out on each of the characters posters. Each share some elements in common. It will mostly apply on Terra, Ventus, and Aqua's solo posters. I will be making 4 posters on just BbS (there is a fifth, but will be for 0.2 BbS and that will have to wait till January). Until then, keep an eye out!


As for this particular poster, like I said, this makes me excited for other posters because of the backgrounds. Seriously y'all, I never thought I would have fun with backgrounds, mostly elemental. Turns out I love the sky. I love sunsets so much guys. I think they are just beautiful and colorful.


Doing Terra was kinda easy, but the armor on his arm was tricky (trying to put it in the right position). I didn't plan on adding his Keybalde simply because I feel the wayfinder he's holding feels more relevant and important from the narrative (that and I just wanna get these done LOL).


I mentioned there are some elements in common. I won't beat around the bush when I say this. Terra, in Latin, means "Earth". So, simply, I surrounded him with his element. The other will have their own elements. However, there is more to it than that. Keep an eye out with the other posters ^^


[also, apparently as of this post, today is director Tetsuya Nomura's birthday] ??

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This is simply beautiful, Mikayla! You have an amazing talent, and I love how the poster looks like something you'd see in a movie theater, promoting an upcoming release! Great job! :D

Also, I love Terra, he's such an awesome character, and I can't wait to see how he fights back against Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts III! X_X

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