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The Misguided Master

10 years ago, before the events of Kingdom Hearts 1, we follow three young warriors: Terra, Ventus, and Aqua. All follow their teachings of their mentor, Eraqus (pronounced AIR-UH-KISS) to become Keyblade Masters. Terra and Aqua take on the Mark of Mastery judged by Eraqus, as well as Master Xehanort (ZAY-UH-NORT). Suddenly, Eraqus learns that Master Xehanort disappears and was informed [by Master Yen Sid] of the rising manifestations of negativity called Unversed. Terra and Aqua were sent on a mission to investigate the mysteries of the Unversed and Master Xehanort's disappearance. Meanwhile, Ven is informed by a mysterious masked boy about Terra's upcoming fate and Ven goes after him before it's too late. All lead to a fate that effects the future events of this series.


We now have Aqua: she is one of my all time favorite KH characters. This young lady here is quite a character. This is somewhat special because she so far my all time favorite female character. Funny enough, I normally do not have favorite female characters and I'm female myself. I have a reason for it but it is personal and I want to to just talk about this game. Point being, she is so far, genuinely, the only favorite fictional female that is a favorite. If you truly love good women who are polite, authoritative, modest, strong, brave, kind, beautiful, and is somewhat a knight, you got what's close to the perfect gal right here. Because, this is pretty much who she is.

One of my favorite moments, without being too spoiled, relates to those attributes. There is a scene when Aqua comes up and holds her hand to a character like, dare I say, a gentleman (and no, I don't consider her lesbian...you can act like a gentleman and not be lesbian). There is her immediate reaction when she made a mistake for not realizing she was in front of authoritative presence -bows and apologizes for her lack of manners. She is a true warrior if I ever saw one. Her story is not the most plot twisted of the trio nor did it effect the future events (aside from the choice she made near end game). But she is special in her own way that many of us fans care for her enough in hopes she succeeds.

As for gameplay, she is heavily full magic. I am normally not a solely magic-based player. However, I did find myself enjoying her gameplay because a lot of it in general is pretty satisfying. That and it feels almost as comfortable as Ventus. It is a bit difficult at first simply because it's mostly magic and not as balanced as Ven. But, like any character you play, you eventually level up to where it feels comfortable enough to have the confidence to fight through some difficult bosses. This also makes me appreciate magic more in these games.

While I find her ark in terms of big surprises to be lacking (until the final and secret episode), the inner struggles seemed to speak louder. Her personality and overall reputation shines bright to many fans. As much as I love Ven, Aqua is my second favorite in the entire series.


Alright, big reveal. Have you noticed what the three posters had in common? All have the 3 elements of the characters: earth, air, and water. As such, for example, Aqua is water but there is still earth and air (clouds) in the same environment. The night sky plays a symbolically major part of the story, so of course I give each of them the night sky with some sunsets. I also realized when drawing these, I drew their right hands in a unique way. Terra hand his hand closed, Ven was loosely open, and Aqua openly spreads her fingers to the sky. I'll leave that to you for interpretation. Also, the land in the background was totally made up. However, let's just make this Neverland because it reminds me of it LOL Doing these are so much fun. I may or may not mentioned this, but normally backgrounds aren't my forte. However, doing these relating to the elements for each character, that's what make it really fun to draw. Kinda felt like a new experience.

I am not done yet. I have one more poster of this particular title to show. It will contain my overall thoughts on the title itself. So stay tuned y'all! (As of this post, will post it on Sunday).

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