Diamond Select Toys Kingdom Hearts action figure unboxing/review


Our friends at Diamond Select Toys (@CollectDST) were kind enough to send us a few pieces from their Kingdom Hearts Select series of figures for review. We made an unboxing/review video for you all, which you can view below:



These figures are great for collectors because they offer unique figures for characters who have yet to receive the action figure treatment: Axel, the Soldier Heartless, and the Dusk Nobody. They all stand fairly easily, save for the dusk who needs a special stand. The accessories accompanying Sora, Axel, and Mickey are great quality and make for a fun display. The downfalls include spotty paint jobs, awkward face models, and not many posing opportunities due to a lack of points of articulation. Overall, these figures are good quality, durable, and will fit into any collector's collection.


Thank you to Diamond Select Toys for this opportunity.


After seeing this review, would you be willing to purchase this line of Kingdom Hearts action figures? Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Sora Figuarts is way better it just arrived today :).

Mayby it is better to get Axel playarts I don't like that Mickey figure.

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For me, face models are one the most important features of a figure because the expression makes it closer to the original and don't give them that creepy, soulless look. Which is exactly what these figures do. Even the cheap old Play Arts for 30$ had more live to them than this...


To be honest, I would never consider buying these. Instead of resorting to another set of loveless posable figures, both Disney and Square should consider licensing the rights to companies which actually produce quality products for a similar or cheaper price. I can hardly imagine there are none who would be willing to do that.


I'd also like to see more static sculpts. I own several PAKs and I've never switched their poses once after setting them up. Which is also why I don't buy figmas, although they're usually great quality.

There could be such amazing scales with dynamic poses, it's a shame to see the potential wasted on Diamond Select's figures...

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