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Hikari (Re-Recording) out now on Utada Hikaru's newly released album Science Fiction

A newly re-recorded version of Hikari has released on Utada Hikaru's latest album, Science Fiction. The album, which released today features 26 tracks including newly mixed and re-recorded songs from across the singer's discography. Hikari, and its English language counterpart, Simple and Clean, have of course featured prominently as opening and ending themes throughout various games in the Kingdom Hearts series.

Back in January the tracklist for Science Fiction revealed  Hikari, as one of the many songs on the album receiving a re-recording.

You can check out Hikari (Re-Recording) on the singer's official YouTube channel below

In the lead up to Science Fiction's release Utada Hikaru's official YouTube channel was also uploading 4K versions of previous music videos, including those for Hikari and Passion.

 You can also listen to the full Science Fiction album on various music streaming platforms now.

What do you think of the newly re-recorded version of Hikari? Let us know in the comments below!

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This re-recording was pretty good. Love the original version, but this version is one of the better remixes, in my opinion.

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Honestly, I hate it. If soulless had a feel to it this would be it IMHO.

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