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[KHUX NA: 4-04-2019] v3.2.0 Update Notes, Main Story Update, Events


As of April 4th, the game has been updated to Version 3.2.0:


■ Update Details
- Added Spirit Training: add a Trait to your medals! Takes 20 hours to refresh. Can be instantly refreshed with Jewels. Note that the special Extra Attack +120%, Ground Def -20%, and Aerial Def-20% traits obtainable from this feature do not stack with their normal trait counterparts--the trait with the stronger effect takes precedence.

- Added feature to increase battle and movement speed during quests.
・This feature can be found by selecting the [INFO] button in the top-right corner of the screen during a quest.
* The speed can be increased up to two levels.
* This feature is not available in multiplayer (Union Cross).

- Added the following bonuses to Jewel Box E purchases.
・ Jewels rewards earned from completing Daily Missions are doubled.
・ Unlocks 1 additional Medal slot in Spirit Training.
* These bonuses will be available until the 11:59 p.m. (PT) of the last day of the month on which you purchased the Jewel Box E.
* These bonuses will NOT stack even if you purchase multiple Jewel Box E for the month.

- Added a Ground / Aerial Enemy DEF -60% effect to all Novas and Supernovas.
* This effect applies ONLY to damage dealt from Novas and Supernovas. It will NOT affect damage dealt by normal attacks and Special Attacks.

- Added feature to evolve the tier of Blue Fairy Medals by one tier, using Blue Fairy Medals of the same tier.

■ Changes
・Raid Bosses that you have spawned will now appear in the Raid Boss aid requests screen.
・Supernova and Trait slots information can now be confirmed when evolving a Medal.
・The amount of Lux earned from certain enemies has been adjusted.


Five new Main Story quests have also been added, continuing the Union Leader plotline!

Get up to 500 Event Coins in the Pink Possessor subjugation event quest, running until April 13th at 23:59 PT.

Collect more Event Coins in the event quests featuring the Sora & Chip & Dale medal until April 30th at 23:59 PT! Event Coins can be dropped by enemies--even more from Rare Enemies--and exchange them for the following rewards:

[Board 1] 
 ・Sora & Chip & Dale (7★) x 1 
 ・Booster [Sora, Chip, Dale] x 12 
 ・Trait Medal #95 x 5 
 ・500 Jewels 
 ・Magic Mirror x 1 

Upon completing Board 1:

[Board 2] 
 ・1500 Jewels 
 ・Magic Mirror x 1 

Note that higher difficulties drop more rewards.

Medal Attribute Guilt Tier SP Cost Ability Max Multiplier
7* Sora & Chip & Dale Upright/Speed 8 3 SP [Single-target] Deals 5 hits. 1 turn: ↑ U-STR 3, STR 8, S-STR 5, ↓ target's DEF 8, S-DEF 5. Damage+: Higher slot number. x13.12~18.44 

(With Booster: 
  • Supernova: AoE, x120 multiplier. For 1 turn: ↑ STR & S-STR 15.  Activates before Slot 3 when defending in PvP.

Images from this update can be viewed below. Where do you think this game is going?


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Hey, if the english version has more story updates, could the japanese version be updated soon too?

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This was a pretty good update overall. The new speed up feature is very helpful, and no one should have a problem blazing through all the Proud mode quests now.

Pet training is a nice idea, though you're mostly limited to about 4 actually good traits while the rest are either ok, meh, or just plain bad. Try to aim for things like Extra Attack +120%, Str +2000, Raid Damage 100%, and Paralysis Resist 100%. Another thing to remember is that pet training traits count for pet points, so use them on medals that haven't been traited (like if you get a Monster Sora but didn't get any trait medals).

If you do plan on spending money on pet training (which isn't advised), remember that the cost to refill starts at 200 jewels then goes to 500, 1000, and 2000, and it resets at the end of the week (so if you spent 200 jewels to refill on Friday and then went to refill again on Monday, the cost would be back down to 200 jewels instead of 500). The other thing to remember is that pulling 5 times from a 10-medal banner opens up the training slot as soon as you make the 5th pull, and the 72-hour window of opportunity starts at that point as well. Also, the 5 pulls don't all have to be from the same banner in order for it to count (for example, you could do 2 pulls on a falling price banner and then 3 on a different, non-mercy banner).

If you've been saving your T1 and T2 fairies, then now is when your patience pays off! Get rid of those and exchange them for fairies that you can actually use.

Last part, the new Sora+Chip&Dale medal. It's a little better than the Sora+Peter Pan medal from a couple months ago, but remember that its effectiveness will go down after its boosters expire at the end of this month. The event coins have been revamped and work much better now. For best results, you'll want to use an outfit with a high Rare Enemy perk so that the Gift Shadow appears. The best quest to farm is the beginner quest for 5 AP. While the beginner target enemy gives out the least coins, the Gift Shadow will always give 500 coins, which can be increased to 2000 coins with your pet's Steal 3 skill. The Gift Shadow appears in all 3 quests and drops the same amount no matter the difficulty, so it's better to do a quest that doesn't eat so much of your AP.

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