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[KHUX NA: 09-03-2019] The Keyblade War: Part 1, Daybreak Town Hall of Fame rewards, and the Japanese Version's 4th Anniversary Celebration




The time is here! The Keyblade War: Part 1 has been added to Kingdom Hearts Union x. Complete a total of 5 quests to receive gems, boost medals, and more rewards. See the trailer for The Keyblade War below:




Details regarding new updates for the month of September have been added. At the moment, the following new events will be available this month:

September 3

The Keyblade War Pt. 1 

Hades Cup (Up to 6,000 Jewels) 

Brainteaser Event (Up to 1,000 Jewels)

September 9 Speedrun Ranking Event (Up to 500 Jewels)
September 10 Deluxe PvP Rewards
September 16 Tsum Tsum Collaboration
September 17 Deluxe PvP Rewards
September 19 Story Quest Update
September 20 September's Big Bonus Challenge
September 23

Japanese Version 4th Anniversary LUX Cup (Deluxe Lux Ranking Rewards)

Speedrun Ranking Event (Up to 500 Jewels)

Mid-Late September

The Keyblade War: Part 2

App Update

(Subject to change in the future)


To celebrate the Japanese version's 4th anniversary, the Lux Cup will be added starting September 23rd to September 29th! Party rankings will offer special titles to the top 5 parties of each Union in addition to standard jewels! More details to come on September 20th! There will also be a special log-in bonus which includes up to 14,000 jewels and more!


Day Log-in Bonus
9/3 4,000 Jewels + 10 Draw Tickets
9/4 1,000 Jewels + 5 SP Chip & Dales
9/5 1,000 Jewels + 10 Power Gems
9/6 1,000 Jewels + 10 Draw Tickets
9/7 1,000 Jewels + 10 Speed Gems
9/8 1,000 Jewels + 5 Dual Meow Wows [SAB LV 9]
9/9 1,000 Jewels + 10 Magic Gems
9/10 4,000 Jewels + 20 Draw Tickets


Square Enix will also be sending a set of Chirithy Zodiac Post Cards and a plethora of in-game rewards to players! Those who rank first will receive a special Kingdom Hearts Union x postcard signed by Tetsuya Nomura! Rankings can be checked here. Check your rankings to see what prizes you have won, if you won postcards please fill out the link that can be found here to make sure you get your reward! 


From now until September 30th, complete missions to collect White Mushroom B medals to win jewels! 

  • Daily Missions: Collect a maximum of one 5★ White Mushroom B per day between Sep. 3, 2019 and Sep. 30, 2019 (Up to 28).
  • Weekly Missions: Collect a maximum of four 5★ White Mushroom B per week between Sep. 9, 2019 and Sep. 29, 2019 (Up to 12).  [Week 1: Sep. 9, 2019 - Sep. 15, 2019, Week 2: Sep. 16, 2019 - Sep. 22, 2019, Week 3: Sep. 23, 2019 - Sep. 29, 2019]

Collect five 5★ White Mushroom B (one will be used as the base and the remaining four will be used as mats), then evolve them to a 6★ White Mushroom B! At the end of the campaign period, every 6★ White Mushroom B Medal that you possess will count as one entry for the MILLION JEWEL SWEEPSTAKES!

**Do not sell or combine any 6★ White Mushroom B Medals you draw before the above campaign period ends! If you do, you will not be entered in the MILLION JEWEL SWEEPSTAKES!** 

Place Prize # of Winners
1st 1,000,000 Jewels 1
2nd 100,000 Jewels 1
3rd 10,000 Jewels 10
4th 5,000 Jewels 500
5th 3,000 Jewels 10,000
Participation Reward 1,000 Jewels All Participants
Special Prize

SN - KH III Aqua x 1
SN - KH III Terra x 1
SN - KH III Ventus x 1
x5 Trait Medals for the 3 Medals Listed Above




Until  September 15th, receive Blimp Chirithy avatar parts and more in Union Cross! Defeat the extra hard boss during bonus time to receive more cross coins for rewards!


From September 3rd to September 20th challenge the Brainteaser to receive up to 1,000 Jewels


Event Coins Galore has returned until September 16th for the Japanese version's 4th anniversary! Collect Subslot Medals to enhance your Keyblades and up to 10 Draw Tickets! There’s also a rare chance to get a Riku & Moogle Medal, which can be sold for Jewels. Collect Event Coins and exchange them for rewards from the following Event Boards:

  • [Board 1] - Subslot Medal: Upright / Power 
  • [Board 2] - [SP Deal] Subslot Medal: Upright / Speed 
  • [Board 3] - Subslot Medal: Upright / Magic 
  • [Board 4] - Subslot Medal: Reversed / Power 
  • [Board 5] - Subslot Medal: Reversed / Speed 
  • [Board 6] - Subslot Medal: Reversed / Magic

There are 6 different types of Subslot Medals and each type has 3 tiers (SAB LV 7, SAB LV 8, and SAB LV 9):

  • Upright / Power: Spirit Lord Kyroo 
  • Upright / Speed: Spirit Chef Kyroo 
  • Upright / Magic: Spirit Sir Kyroo 
  • Reversed / Power: NM Lord Kyroo 
  • Reversed / Speed: NM Chef Kyroo 
  • Reversed / Magic: NM Sir Kyroo



The Hades Cup has returned! Challenge the toughest battles to get up to 6,000 jewels and more! 



User Feedback

Recommended Comments

So, the memories of the war are finally here. The good news is that this appears to be a permanent fixture in the game, which is a smart move on the developers' part. (I know I won't be able to play it for a little while due to the event coin quests eating all of my AP again...)

Tsum Tsum medals coming back likely means that they're being upgrade to Supernova, so hold onto any spare copies you have from the previous collaboration (I didn't pull on the previous banner).

Those login rewards are very appealing, but it's ok if you miss a couple of days: as long as you log in before the trailer premiere date, you should be able to receive the rewards for any days you've missed.

Conversely, any of the White Mushroom B medals you miss will be unavailable after that day/week has passed. Be sure to collect as many as you can! And don't sell or use them before the rewards have been given out.

The Brainteaser challenge is unlike any of the previous anniversary quiz events. This time, you can't just look up the answers on a Kingdom Hearts wiki page (though you can already find the answers posted elsewhere online). I recommend trying them for yourself before you look up the answers: it's more entertaining that way! They start to get particularly challenging after quest #5.

Once again we've got an event coin quest, though this time there are also 10 draw tickets available in addition to the Kyroo medals. You'll need 45,000 event coins to complete all of the boards. The same strategies from previous events apply: wear clothes with Item Drop and Rare Enemy perks to get the Gift Shadow to show up and (hopefully) drop a Riku+Moogle medal. The Golden Tricholoma takes the place of the Sparkler from last month's event, and it isn't affected by any of your perks (same as before).

Finally, the Hades Cup. It's back, it's hard, and it gives lots of jewels. It's also here for the whole month, so not being able to beat it now just means you have the whole month to try. As with all events that offer jewel rewards, don't spend jewels to earn jewels. If you were going to pull regardless, then it should be fine. But spending any more than 6000 jewels just to get the 6000 jewels is a foolish move.

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