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Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue discussion with Tai Yasue for Square Enix Presents announced


A few days before the start of E3, the official Square Enix blog has listed the Square Enix Presents line-up for all of the live streams that will take place during the duration of E3. A live stream dedicated to discussing Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue with Co-Director Tai Yasue will take place on Wednesday, June 15th at 4:00 PM PDT and will last until 4:30 PM PDT. All live streams will be featured on the official Square Enix Presents Youtube and Twitch accounts.


Leading up to E3, a brand new Kingdom Hearts HD 2.8 Final Chapter Prologue trailer premiered at 21:00 JST on June 8th, featuring entirely new footage surrounding Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance HD, Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep 0.2 -A Fragmentary Passage-, and Kingdom Hearts χ Back Cover.


For the latest updates for all things regarding E3 2016, keep an eye on our coverage article!


Update: This discussion can now be seen below.


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I forgot about square enix presents and I'm not suprised that kingdom hearts 3 isn't on the list because they said they'll talk more about the title in the winter. 

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Do we get a second trailer? :O

It has been confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 2.8 will be playable at Square Enix's booth. It is unknown what parts of the game will be playable, though. I assume that there will be some footage of those demos released to the public in some form. In addition to appearances at TGS, I would probably anticipate trailers dropping at SDCC, Gamescom, and PAX Prime (since Square did, if I remember correctly, did release trailers for Kingdom Hearts 2.5 at those events).

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