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Kingdom Hearts III Axel (Lea) Bring Arts available for pre-order on AmiAmi for ¥8,550 (about $77); releasing in September


AmiAmi is now accepting pre-orders for Kingdom Hearts III Axel (Lea) Bring Arts figure. The figure comes with three sets of hands, two faces (one Axel, one Lea), Axel's chakrams and Lea's Keyblade along with a heart shaped pedestal and 3 Sea Salt ice cream bars. The original price is ¥9,504 (about $85), but AmiAmi is selling the figure for ¥8,550 (about $77). The release date hasn't been finalized, but the figure will be releasing in September. You can pre-order the figure by clicking here.

You can check out pictures of the figure in our gallery below.

What do you think of Bring Arts Axel (Lea)? Let us know in the comments below!

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On 4/4/2019 at 7:27 PM, littleTSUBAME said:

Oh no, I want it.

For real though, it’s really pretty and if I had money to spare I’d buy it in an instant.

try Nippon-Yasan.com

Really good Store, VERY Cheap Prices on Pre Order, BUT Sky Rocket / Scammer Prices once

the Figure as been Released. If you are fast, and make a Pre Order / Pay on Instant, you can save A HELL lot of Money. I have been a Customer since 2014. Saved a lot of Money over the Years because of fast instant Pre Orders.

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Thanks for showing this to us, Leamax!

I love the detail on Lea's Bring Arts, especially the fact that the set brings not just his Keyblade, but his Chakrams too, and his teardrop tattoed face and his normal face! So cool! I want it! D:

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