Kingdom Hearts Sora Nendoroid figure available for pre-order; releasing in December 2018


A Kingdom Hearts Sora Nendoroid figure is being released by Good Smile Company! This chibi-style figure includes interchangeable Keyblades, several swappable heads with different facial expressions, a paopu fruit accessory, and a posing stand. Among the Keyblades included are the Kingdom Key and the Pumpkinhead. Additionally, one of the promotional images shows the figure holding a Kingdom Key and shooting a beam of light into a Keyhole, though it is unclear whether this Keyhole is able to be attached to all Keyblades, or if it is part of a second Kingdom Key as a single piece.



The Kingdom Hearts Sora Nendoroid figure is available for pre-order from Aitai☆Kuji for $40 USD. Each order comes with a free gift, though there are no details on this gift at this time. This figure is scheduled to release in December 2018.


What are your thoughts on this new Sora figure? Would you like to see more Kingdom Hearts Nendoroid figures? Let us know in the comments below!


[uPDATE]: @gsc_enon hinted on Twitter the intention of releasing new Kingdom Hearts Nendoroid figures in the future!

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Why is there so much merchandise when I am the most out of money in my life! Is this on purpose or what!


BTW the figurine is freaking adorable and detailed... send help...

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Thanks for informing us about this, Raxaimus!


Dang, this Nendoroid figure of Sora looks so freaking adorable!!! I am definitely gonna want this when it releases! It's an adorable and awesome addition to any KH collection! And the fact that it's so small makes it perfect to put on a bookshelf or desk or anywhere in a room or office to add that personal touch!


I really hope Nendoroid ends up making more of these figures, cuz I'd love to see how the whole cast looks like in these adorable Chibi forms! :D

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