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  1. Sorry, but I must inform you to please wait a little longer about Toriyama's title. Other big titles will be present at the show with some excited reveals, so look forward to that.
  2. We already knew that they were aiming for a simultaneous worldwide release. Though I wonder what they plan to reveal about it "soon". Yeah, I just joined quite recently. Hello everyone.
  3. He helped many games happen. He didn't let some to just be forggotten even if the previous game in the series wasn't sucessful. I'm sure he was a great man. My condolscenes to everyone. RIP Satoru Iwata.
  4. I was in full fanboy mode when I first watched the trailer. I think people should hold their judgement for Jessse Eisenberg until after the movie releases. Seeing quite a lot of people complaining or creating false theories (Well I shouldn't say "false theroies" since the movie isn't out, lol) due to him having hair and not appearing bald in a single scene of the trailer. Anyways, this trailer was amazing and I obviously can't wait to watch the full movie next year.
  5. People call me "Maku" or "Red".
  6. And it's also not supposed to be up for pre-orders on another platform during this "Exclusivity contract".
  7. They aren't even supposed to have it up for pre-orders. Nomura said in an interview that they haven't really thought about other platforms yet. They wouldn't even announce it until after it realeses on PS4, which is quite long away.
  8. It had a really fun start. Can't wait to see more of it.
  9. Thank you Bri, MickeyTheMick, Toominator, EchoFox and Weedanort.
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