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Sea Salt Ice-cream bath salt from Village Vanguard!


Village Vanguard has created an original product for Kingdom Hearts, a Sea Salt Ice-cream bath salt!





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The product will be retailing for 500 yen (est. $4.50 USD) and will be released on July 21, 2018 JST. The illustration art from Kingdom Hearts II is shown on the wrapper. Certain Japanese bath salts are similar to bath bombs. The bath salt looks just like the ice-cream and should not be eaten.


In addition to the bath salt, there will be a Keyblade as an added bonus. There are 5 Keyblades and 1 secret keyblade!



Get your Sea Salt Ice-cream here!

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a kingdom hearts bath salt? thats certainly on the more unusual end of the spectrum of merchandise


More importamtly why does it have the same coloras the icecream? Was buying one more.chemical to expensiv?

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I had plans to get one or more of these, but... By translating the pages, it looks like they don't ship outside of Japan.

Is there any way to know for sure if they do or not? Or even someone in Japan who can ship them out to those of us who would otherwise have no access?

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