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    I wonder what Atlantica will look like in KH3
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  1. My personal favorites are Oathkeeper, Oblivion, and Destiny's Embrace, but I feel like the very last of the three is the best of them. Oathkeeper is nice(and is where most of my game accounts got their names), and Oblivion's nice and dark to counteract it, but I actually own Destiny's Embrace, and it's really good. A nice, complex design, counteracted with the lovely colors that most certainly suit both wielders. My least favorite is probably either Fatal Crest or Wishing Star. Fatal Crest just looks like they were trying too hard to make it 'cool,' but Wishing Star is just.... bleugh. So the best/worst in my book are Destiny's Embrace and Wishing Star. So much for my aesthetic. But Allwil13 is right-- a Keyblade is a Keyblade, however bad it is.
  2. We have two codes in my household, but only one machine. Any idea how much the spare would sell for? I know for a fact that DLC is machine-wide, since every other piece of DLC, coded or otherwise, has been active for both the main and sub accounts on it. With Square's obsession with limited-time DLC that you can't just buy, preorder bonuses, and beyond... I almost feel like these codes could become pricey after the challenge ends.
  3. I had plans to get one or more of these, but... By translating the pages, it looks like they don't ship outside of Japan. Is there any way to know for sure if they do or not? Or even someone in Japan who can ship them out to those of us who would otherwise have no access?
  4. If you're still looking for a party, check out Cthulhu's Aposte. It's mid-sized, but everyone has decent medals. When I joined, my level went from 278 to 301 during the first WW event I was with them on. Casual, but really close to the top 500. I joined the site just to suggest it.
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