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  1. If you completed your ex tres challenges you can now have your starlight keyblade code issued to your console of preference. Make sure you have your player i.d ready in order to get access to your code
  2. This image has been popping up on Twitter. There’s talk saying it’s fake, but if it’s real then count me in!
  3. Watch Pokemon Origins. Red harnessed the power of his mega ring to make Charizard evolve into Mega Charizard X during his fight with Mewtwo. I'm sure mega evolutions will be available in the new ruby and sapphire remakes
  4. Heck if NO ONE else can go then sign me up! I'm 20 and I work at DisneyLand so i'm pretty sure i'm gonna be in L.A.
  5. What if the reason why Vanitas is back is because Xehanort is trying to harbor hearts in the dream world (part of his many roads he would take) just like Sora, except Xehanort is in a sense stealing the hearts of others to give him more power? Just a thought, BTW hello everyone! I'm new here but i've been following the site for a while now! As for terra coming back...I don't know lol
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