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Tetsuya Nomura's special thanks to celebrate one month since the release of Kingdom Hearts III


Someone might still be having hard times realizing this but yes, it has been a whole month since the launch of Kingdom Hearts III, which happened on January 28. To celebrate, Tetsuya Nomura and the Kingdom Hearts team decided to give fans a special thank you. You can take a look at the short video here below.

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5 minutes ago, Movies798 said:

Despite the game's flaw but it was an enjoyable game and I love it very much. I can wait to see future games of this series.

I think with the new engine ans the huge numernof sales they will be able to produce new games a lot faster now

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Thanks for sharing this with us, Yoshirai!

Excelsior! And what a magnificent month it's been! I'm very satisfied and happy and more than content with this wonderful beast of a game we got, and I'm still playing it right now, doing all the post-game things to Platinum the game! I fervently look forward to the DLC we shall get throughout the year! What a time to be alive!

May our hearts be our guiding key! :D

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