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'Tiny head Xehanort' uncovered behind-the-scenes thanks to camera tricks

You might remember that back in the Ultimania for Dream Drop Distance, Masashi Nakamichi the Sub-Lead Programmer for the game, revealed a fun secret about how one of the cutscenes was made. This is what he said back in 2012:


In the cutscene from Xehanort's perspective that runs right after the opening of the game, we had to make his head smaller so it wouldn't show on the camera. Looking at it from another perspective you see he has a normal body with a tiny little dot of a head on top, it had me in stitches. It's such a shame I can't show you.

Thanks to long time Kingdom Hearts fan and dataminer, 13th Vessel, we can now see what Nakamichi was talking about! Check it out the video below. (Make sure you watch till the very end!)

In order to have the first person angle for Xehanort within the cutscene, the developers had to edit his body proportions and move the camera around, resulting in him having a tiny head!  Similar tricks were previously found in Kingdom Hearts II by Boundary Break, revealing scenes where models were messed around with to achieve certain angles in cutscenes.

13th Vessel has contribute to a number of discoveries within the code in the Kingdom Hearts games, including the deleted world of Monsters, Inc. in Kingdom Hearts II and assets from Kingdom Hearts 2.8. Check out his YouTube channel for more interesting discoveries (and clips of him playing around the worlds on Kingdom Hearts games!)

What hidden camera tricks have you seen in Kingdom Hearts? Let us know in the comments below! 

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It's always cool seeing technical stuff like this showing how cutscenes work. It's really interesting.


Also really funny in this case.

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