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  1. Duuuuude get on and see meeeeee.

  2. Name: Alex Morvez Age:15 Gender:Male Weapons:Desert Eagle,Machete,Hunting Rifle Appearance: Alex has short black hair and always wears his Yankees cap.He wears a green shirt with the logo "Can't take the heat? Stand out of the fire."He also wears blue jeans and white Nike sneakers. Alex is already growing peach fuzz on his lip and has blue eyes. He is rather slim and agile (Mostly because he ran cross country at his old school), but also has some muscle in his arms. He is around 5'6 and most of his skin is a bit tanned. He also wears a silver watch on his right arm and a checkered ring on his left hand (on his index finger). Bio:Alex came home one day to see his mother and father fighting. He thought they might've gotten divorced, but it was worse. Alex saw his own father bite into his mothers neck and saw horrible, inhuman actions take place. Soon, both his mother and father were chasing after him. Alex ran all the way down to town, where he found his friend Josh dead, with desert eagle in hand. Alex picked up the desert eagle and quickly ran home. He had to shoot his own mother and father. He finally rushed into his fathers' bedroom, and took out a wide black box. He opened it up and took out his fathers' machete, that his father used on his hunting expeditions in africa.With magnunm and machete in hands, Alex rushed into town and stormed the police station. He quickly shot the two officers there and took a hunting rifle out of one of the barracks.Alex was trained with a rifle by his father, when they used to go target shooting up in the mountains (they shot at fallen logs and set-up pinecones, no wildlife.)Alex got his supplies, and is now ready to fight this horde of savage animals.But Alex saw his own father and mother turn on him. He can't trust anyone.
  3. Brian slowly sighed,and took his pocket watch out and looked at it.He looked at the time.3:00 PM.He put it away,and slowly started to walk off."Time to visit Thomas.",Brian said.He slowly started to walk off up the stairs.He cut through the alley,then started passing the peopel down to the station.He walked up to an aparetment door.He knocked on it slowly,and nothing happened."Maybe he's busy.",Brian said.He slowly walked away,back to his apartment. (We gotta get some interaction soon. lol)
  4. Name:Micheal Vashcii Age:16 Bio:Micheal grew up as a normal kid.Had some friends,liked his kindergarten teacher,life was good for him.But it was only when he discovered he had the ability of Telekenesis.Micheal discovered the power while drawing a schoolhouse in his class,when his red crayon flew up and was shot directly into the crayon box.All the other kids looked at him.Some were scared,some were amazed,but his teacher,Mrs. Veltraz,was shocked most of all.Immediately,she called Micheals parents and told them.They were shocked,and called a nearby police department,who led them to a number who took care of these children.Micheal was then sent off to the school,where he now spends his days. Power:Telekenesis. Admission:Jan. 10th,1993 VANILLA!
  5. Brian looked at his pockt watch.2:30 PM.He slowly looked to his left fingers.His checkered plastic ring.His mother.Brian slowly took it off and put it into his hand,looking at it and clutching to it tightly. ~Flashback~ Brian was sitting down,dawdling the time away with some old toys.His mother entered through the door with her apron on.She took it of and hung it on a hanging peice of metal.Brain turned around."Mommy!",Brian said.He was 8 years old.He slowly ran up to his mom and hugged her for dear life,her feeling her son and hugging him hard.He steps back a few feet with a smile."I got you a present!",she says with a smile.Brian was happy,and his mother took out a checkered ring.He looked down at it with a smile,then looked up at his mother."Thanks mom!",Brian said as he hugged her again. ~Flashback ends~ Brian slowly lets go of the ring and looks down at it."We've been through too much.",he slowly whispers.He then puts it back on and puts his pocket watch away,then stands up and puts his white hood on,and merely stands there.
  6. Brian continued down the path and looked to the left of him.There was an old alley,one that he used once as a shortcut to get to Thomas' house.Brian shrugged,knowing that Thomas can wait,as Thomas always did.He walked down the alley,and saw a metal gate with a small metal door that was open.He thought it was a beggars' home,so he left it un-disturbed.He continued down the stairs and entered the Sandlot.He stood in the middle of it,and sighed,knowing that this part of town is typically quiet. He looked to his left and saw a row of benches.He looked around,and saw no one.Not even on the balconies.He sighed in boredom and sat down on the bench,waiting for something to do.
  7. M is for Mangos,which are tasty during the summer time.
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