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  1. Just tell me, what are the chances of Sora showing up the new Super Smash?
  2. Musts: -Tangled -Brave -Toy story -Pirates of the Caribbean. -Princess and the Frog I think its safe to not have any real life worlds like John Carter or High School musical. Pirates graphics is all I can really take.
  3. Eh so we all know from KH3D that Sora isn't "technically" a master (lame I know). Supposing that Sora was going to have a new master, who would it be? Here are some scenarios -Yen Sid. Eh, he's not really working for me. -Riku. Kinda weird but he is a Master now. -Mickey. mmm.... maybe -Aqua. I personally would love if that happened! After saving her from the RoD, she becomes his master, teaches him and personally makes him an official keyblade master. Epic I know. -Eraqus. After seeing the new KHIII trailer with Sora picking up Eraqus's keyblade, I had an idea. What if he came back and became Sora's master. Now that would be sweet! Not as sweet as Aqua being his new master, but still semi-epic. or .... Sora doesn't need one. He'd been one the whole time. Why he had to take a Mark of Master Exam in KH 3D? We don't know What do you think? If Sora were to have a new master to make him a keyblade master, who do you think it would be?
  4. I love Haley's voice! I think they shouldn't change the voice in KH1 or KH2, but honestly, I wouldn't mind in they got some other voice actor that sounded like young Sora to be in Chain of Memories. CoM is probably my least favorite game because 1)The voice doesn' match Sora's age 2) Horrid jap to eng lipsinc and 3) the animation didn't match KH1. I think if they found a decent kid that sounds like young Sora, I'd be so happy!
  5. I agree. Axel's little spiky spinny things are HIS signature weapons!!! I could've lived not having Lea with a Keyblade.
  6. Nah, I'm talking about the beginning. You know with the Hikari song.
  7. Do you guys think that the beginnings of Kingdom Hearts goes a little too fast??? Cuz I do! I was looking through some 3D screen shots, and HOLY COW!!! The animation is amazing!!! But you can't really soak it in when it's only on the screen for maybe an 1/8 of a second >. What do you think?
  8. Mine was KH1. The story was just so different. I was rewatching Final Fantasy X on youtube when I saw it on the side bar. Final fantasy wasn't really my style. Kh was totally my thing! I loved how you could visit Disney worlds and Sora's a likable character.
  9. Ha sorry, typo. Really?! Holy cow this is going to be a long story! Hopefully he doesn't waste time on little games in the next Saga
  10. Excuse this from being a complete nieve and dumb question, but what do people mean by "The Xehanort Saga"??? I must've missed an interview because I have no idea what that is. Wouldn't that be just the whole KH series? Or is Nomura making another saga after Sora??? Someone wanna enlighten me?
  11. Kh1: amazing khcom: Ugh, the cheese never ends! Kh2: Oh baby! Awesome! 358/2 Days: Slow but cute, and sad Bbs: Made the story even better! Coded: waste of time 3D: Confusing, but awesome
  12. Aw poor Roxas How on earth is Sora going to restore him without giving up his own heart, or using the body of Ven?! This game blows my mind
  13. Spoiler So I'm slightly confused. What did Roxas mean when he said,"This could've been the other way around?" and "It has to be you." That he's the one to bring everyone back? I'm confused
  14. oh wow that would be wierd! Cuz he remembers Ven! ha forgot about that
  15. Or maybe Lea is refering to saving Roxas. You know, bringing him back
  16. But why would Vanitas be inside Young Xehanort anyway? I thought he was appart of Ven
  17. Spoiler!!! Aw so I just rewatched the part where Ven defeats Vanitas(Aw so sad, he sounds like Sora when he's reaching for the X-blade :,( I know this is probably already a topic(send me a link if it is), but what do you think is the future of Vanitas? I think it's more than obvious that he's coming back. You can't just create a character like him and throw him away. Plus we all know how often a Kingdom Hearts character stays dead I personally think MX will split Sora just like Ven, to create Van. Or when releasing Ven's heart, Van comes along too. What are your thoughts about Van?
  18. So you know how the ending secret message is "This leads to Kingdom Hearts 3"? That pretty much means that KH3 will be the next game to come out right? Uh, sooo what about Birth By Sleep Volume 2? Sorry if it's already a topic, I'm just curious.
  19. So what do you think lies in store for the second season of Legend of Korra? I don't know when the release date is, but I'm way excited! My money's on that Asami turns on Team Avatar.
  20. I know right?! Well it's gonna be a good movie either way
  21. So I was just wondering. What do you think the odds are off seeing some Kingdom Hearts in the new movie Wreck it Ralph. Eh, I think it's slim myself, but still, it's a Disney movie and Disney does own part of Kingdom Hearts, so what do you guys think the chances are?
  22. So this is the beginning clip to Kh 3D. I thought it had better quality then the home page one. It's sweet! I'm freakin' out!!! I'm just wondering what all the pages symbolize?????? Because you see each character come out of pages. Any ideas?
  23. Eh Alison Stoner pretty much killed Namine's voice. The original is much better. The english Xehanort sounded like Yoda gargiling nails, so he can improve that while still keeping the creepy-evilness too it.
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