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  1. Yep. ZORMG YOU ARE NOT AWARE OF DALLAS' PRESENCE?! SHUUUUUN EDUCATE YERSELF I'm guessing someone who's never heard of Dallas Taylor! D<
  2. Seems to be the only sane person on this screwed up forum. @PAO - YOU KNOW I ISH
  3. Did you know that RoxSox has been stalking my Sorage and wishing to get inside his pants?
  4. Ocelot's plan does sound solid... Chuck Norris will outlive the fangirls.
  5. ... Exactly. @Trish - You can't impregnate me, so hah. Enjoy your little VIRTS.
  6. NEKO! I TOLD YOU TO STAY AWAY FROM HERE. IT GETS WORSE, TRUST ME! ... I wanna get Naked too T^T No one ever wants to get me Naked... I'll have to get Naked all by myself... I hope the check-out people don't mind that I'm gunna get so much Naked.
  7. Rebellexa


    Nice to meet ya. Call meh Rebel. Behave yerself. Stay away from the Random section for a week and stay away from RoxSoxKH forever. ENJOY
  8. That's actually pretty cool. It actually makes the games deeper on a level, more personal. Maybe that's why friendship and memories are so amplified in this series? I still say it was aliens
  9. I've converted... and I'm reposting. Enjoy. NamiZeku, my OTP Demyx/Xion, I need help thinking up a blended name Luxene = ? That Never Was Riku/Xion, onesided. CRACK: Zemyx, my crack OTP MarVex, because I can Xemnas/Roxas. Oh yes. Zexy/Riku. Yes, I said it. I know they tried to kill each other, but hey, it's not crack boy love until you're at each other's throats I don't want Riku to be alone, for some reason I like him. I can't think of anyone else but Olette. -_-
  10. I don't have KH1. I only have Days and I take upon myself to research and study. I don't know as much about what happened in KH1 as I do overall. I specialize in CoM and up, centering around the Organization. Let's get back on topic before I start snapping at people... I'd really like to know the guy who started this Riku-is-Ienzo's-brother thing. It's too weird to be true. No doubt in my mind that Riku isn't even related to Xenny anyway.
  11. Hun, lemme give ya one good reason why you should pace yourself. I'll be your personal tour guide. Any other questions, feel free to ask. I feel nice for some reason tonight.
  12. Uhm, Sora and Riku didn't live in Radiant Garden. Radiant Garden is not located in Destiny Islands, Radiant Garden is a world. Well, I'm sorry, I wasn't too aware of that. I haven't done any studying of BBS yet. I need to get on that.
  13. Venroxas, you know that some people actually committed suicide because they figured that the afterlife would be like Avatar? Don't be like them. INTERVENTION. I CALL THE JAWS OF LIFE ON A STICK.
  14. Actually, from what I understand, Roxas took his own Keyblade and Xion's Keyblade and transformed them into Oathkeeper and Oblivion. Like said before, they are the Keyblades of light and darkness, but also Oathkeeper symbolizes Sora's relation to Kairi(I believe because of the promise he made her) and Oblivion likewise symbolizes Sora's relation to Riku(probably the name because of Castle Oblivion and Riku's darkness). But Xion's Keyblade was a sham, so I'm agreeing with you on Ven. Maybe that Keyblade is from Ven awakening inside of Roxas. Dang, I'm sensing a Shakespeare pull here. Noruma can't be that smart to think up all of this by himself. (Or herself? I never really found out -_-) Because Nomura doesn't think of everything himself. There's also the scenario team that helps him, well, create the scenario. Interestingly enough, almost the entirety of the being known as Xion was created by scenario writer Tomoko Kanemaki, who writes the novels. Well, I figured that, but he's the one that started this whole thing. But still, it takes a whole lotta work from a whole lotta people to create a story this in depth and with so many trapdoors, loopholes, and crawlspaces.My guess is Nomura and his team of mad scientists were brainwashed by aliens.
  15. I thought they were? Ienzo grew up in Radiant Gardens before he became Zexion. I don't know too much about BBS, but isn't that where Sora and Crew lived too? I thought RG was on Destiny Islands. Because of kid Kairi in there with King Mickey, and oh lord, I've got a HUGE headache. Darn Nomura. Darn.
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