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  1. I'm thinking that with all the games that are leading up to KH3's story it won't be that long therefore I think that BBS V2 will be released late 2011, early 2012 and KH3 will be released late 2012 early 2013.
  2. I am stuck on wonderland where the glitch makes the guards go like lightning. I just can't get the timing and directions right.
  3. true but I think he looked for power in the process I mean in the keyblade graveyard he said "all in search of one ultimate key, and it will soon BELONG TO ME"
  4. no because IT IS A TUTORIAL and is a comepletely new comand style so it would be kind of unfair
  5. actually they planned to have thirteen members if you look on final mix videos (with subs.) on the part when zexion and another org. member are talking zexion says "we need more members"
  6. sora, if you look in the background of that part you can see sora at the crossroads of fate
  7. that's true or you can go onto to youtube and watch a walkthrough from the begining so you don't have to start a new game
  8. ven was too small to go outside the house and he is as small as a mouse all the time so sufice to say he would get trampled on
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