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  1. The hype surrounding Kingdom Hearts 3 has been pretty big ever since it was announced all the way back in 2013. Now that the game is out, people seemed rather pleased with the game and all the reviews seemed pretty shiny. A few weeks in after the game came out and many known websites and big channels on YouTube have started to share their thoughts, and it seems like people, in general, are jumping on the hate bandwagon and trashing Kingdom Hearts 3. The hate just seems to be against the series as a whole for being a storytelling mess while others claim that they have been waiting over a decade for this game and it failed to live up to the expectations. It's rather sad to see the final entry of this arc being dragged into the mud like this.
  2. While checking the secret ending online for the PS3 and PS4 versions I couldn't help but notice that the graphics look generally worse in these cutscenes when compared to the entire game. Aqua is clearly still in her original PSP form... so is it safe to assume that this cutscene was pre-rendered?
  3. I'd say the Disney worlds, but even though they're fun to explore... they don't really offer anything in terms of characters and story. It all feels so rushed. Combat is definitely smoother than BBS, but KH2 still takes the cake... so I guess "Playable Riku" and the "Dream Eaters". Really nice to play as Riku for the first time besides that mess of a Card System. I also enjoy the Dream Eaters' design but their AI can be horrendous at times. The story is pretty much my least favorite aspect out of the whole game, right next to the voice-acting... I'm looking at you Sora.
  4. I couldn't find any clear dialogue without the music getting in the way with the ending's current music. I tried to get more vocals from that particular cutscene but the music was just too loud for me to be able to do anything about it. Thanks for your thoughts on it nonetheless!
  5. As the title said, I tried to do somethig different. What do you think? https://youtu.be/gZ9UY0XFnZI
  6. Wait, the cutscene with Riku waking up in Hollow Bastion is still mute? Edit: I checked... and that's incredibly dumb. Riku's voice barely changed over the years...
  7. Not really sure if many remember, but those who either browsed about the extra cutscenes or even got a chance to play original Final Mix versions of Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2 will most likely say that these extra cutscenes were mute. There was no dialogue, only subtitles, ambiance, and sound effects. This is odd since you can easily find the very same cutscenes fully voiced in Japanese or with recycled dialogue from the original English versions. I wonder... why? How come some copies had sound while others didn't? If you want some solid examples, here you go: [Muted] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e6_hwVoOu48 [Voiced] https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9qbm4iRsMoU https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V0Iphv0SFpU So yeah, anyone cares to elaborate/assume as to why this was the case? I'm genuinely curious about this.
  8. Well, it's been ten days already... May I please have my username changed?
  9. I haven't been on this website for over a year. Geez.

    1. Iris


      Welcome back!

  10. What is even a "Nintendo Switch"? I have never heard of such thing. Not like it matters much to me, I won't be able to play KH3 or 2.8 at all whatsoever.
  11. It's a rather odd topic, I know.. but.. I'm really in need of someone to review something that I have made a few months ago. And I'll explain why. Alright, so.. in 2014 there was this game called Five Nights at Freddy's that became a huge hit. I was into it back then. Things weren't as toxic and bad as they are now. I liked the whole concept since I'm an horror fan and I found the story quite interesting. After the release of the second game the story got more complex and dark. It sparkled me an interest, especially since the community was starting to grow bigger and original. And since I was someone who knew how to edit and forge my own machinimas with the game The Sims 2, I decided to make a video-test.. which worked perfectly. So in December of that year I decided to initiate the production of a full-length movie based on the FNAF series. Of course large changes happened to the script and so on. I pretty much ignored the game's lore as it started to turn into a confusing mess and followed my own route. I had A LOT of issues with this project, mainly because of the actors. Many left and it was a pain for replacement. There also a lot of delays, reshoots and the list goes on. But.. My disappointment was that... no one watched it. The actors didn't, the people who helped.. my friends. No one. I even got lied at. I even wanted to hate the project because it felt like a huge waste of time. What I want is.. for someone to watch it.. to pay attention and to give me their honest opinion on it. That's all that I want. Just need someone with an open-mind to see it. I'm sick of people who watch it as a The Sims 2 game video or a FNAF project.. That's like insulting a Disney movie just because someone had to draw it! Here's the movie:
  12. Nearly two years in order to finish it. Had some breaks, obviously.. but there were weeks when I could spend up to 10 hours editing per day. And yeah, you voiced Foxy haha! And a Legend of Zelda movie? Err.. I haven't even played ONE of these games
  13. Hello guys. (I'm going to talk about a big project of mine that took me nearly two years to finish. There's going to be some to read, but if you want to skip, feel free to do it. The movie's link is on the last paragraph!) I haven't been here in ages.. but today I come here seeking your opinion.. and criticism. I don't know if some of you are aware, but for over a year now I've been working on this project. I know it's not related to Kingdom Hearts, but I thought you might enjoy it somewhat. I even used kh13.com as a means to gather help on a poster and voice acting! It took me over a year to finish this project. I combined both 'The Sims 2' and 'Source Film Maker' engines and its resources in order to make this project come to true. It is loosely based on Scott Cawthon's 'Five Nights at Freddy's'. I start production back when I was a huge fan and really into the franchise. Sadly, after a the fourth game I completely lost interest. The fanbase went from a rather refreshing and thoughtful type of group to a group that is mainly composed by brainless, hateful children who have no respect for anyone and everything. The only good thing out of this fanbase was the fact that they provided fame to many youtubers and websites. Anyways. My movie is based on this franchise, but it only centers around the first three games and on what was once considered the most logical theories. I centered more around the "human" side of the characters rather than t he jumpscares and the robots themselves. I gave a personality, a look and a backstory to the characters and showed how connected all of them were. I even introduced new ones. 'The Sims 2' is a very limited 'engine'. The game was released in 2004 and had its final expansion four years later. It is still the most modded game out there. It has way more mods than Skyrim! I've done my research. I browsed through the most visited websites and compared results. Being the type of person who cannot afford myself to create my own animations, I had to use what other people shared and what the game had to offer. It was very challenging. Another challenge was the editing. Each "chapter" would take up to 2-3 days to finish. The 'average' length of a chapter was around 3 minutes. Yes.. it was that hard. I had to make everything: the neighborhood, the characters, set their traits, their height(with mods), weight, how their hair would change depending of their outfits and conditions, their style, the buildings, the environments, and use the famous 'green screen'. I had to go through some serious problems and stress: - The initial casting as eager to work, but one by one they started to quit. Most of the actors just suddenly stopped responding and left the project. One of the main voices had 98% of the lines recorded and left me hanging for six months before she finally told me she had to step down. I was lucky to find someone who shared a similar voice in order to record the character's last scene. - Family and studies were also in a way. My family didn't exactly respect what I was working on and would actually attempt to force me to quit. They eventually decided to give me space, but it was during the last two weeks. - Lack of support. I barely had any support aside from the actors. There was no attention paid to this project. No views, no likes, no "publicity". I pretty much did everything by myself. Not even my friends gave a damn about this, no matter how hard I worked on this. There were nights where I couldn't even sleep.. my head was so full of ideas and worries that I couldn't close my eyes peacefully. When the movie was finally released, no one watched but one person or two(from the "team"). That was very heartbreaking. People lied to my face, stating that they had watched; when faced with questions they would actually spill nonsense. The person who even did the special effects told me how much he despised the project, not even bothering to watch 20 minutes of it. And how do I feel about this movie? Well. To be honest, I don't know. I always enjoyed making videos. There were days where I was happy with the results and days where I wasn't. In the end, after the underwhelming reception, I forced myself into hating it. I wasn't expecting anything HUGE, but I was indeed expecting.. something. At least everyone who participated could've used 1 hour of their time to watch it, right? I spent almost two years working on this! Now I need... an opinion from you guys. Could you please watch it and tell me what you think? An outside opinion is really important. Please, provide your criticism. What was done right, wrong. The music choice, the actors, the characters and so on. The movie is in english, but no subtitles yet. There's no need to lie, but if you are to say that it's bad, please do elaborate. I've got my inbox full of mindless hate as it is. Here's the movie:
  14. Some of these sound pretty good, but they must have a 'k' on their name in order to fit. Maybe I should forget that idea. Anyways, thank you for helping. I've posted his in several other forums. You're the only who actually tried to help.
  15. Hello everyone. I'm writing a book, technically for 8 years now. Ever since I played a game called '4Story' back in 2009 my mind started to generate this awesome story which has followed me ever since. With the help of the 'Elder Scrolls', 'Game of Thrones', 'Beast Quest', 'Pirates of the Caribbean' and the 'Guild Wars' series I've managed to gather the much needed inspiration to start writing. It's a vast fantasy world with a rich backstory which still needs a few tweaks here and there. I'll probably share a bit of it once I translate it to English. (It's written in Portuguese since it's my mother tongue.) Right now I'm having a problem when it comes to names.. for Dragons. So, to make it short, there's this Dragon God who generated four Elder Dragons who then later helped their 'father' create a much smaller dragon species that are known as the 'Offspring'. Kronaltarr is the name of the Dragon God. The thing is, the way I set up the names for the dragons is kinda tricky. Only the Dragon God can have 'K' as the first letter. The four Elder Dragons must have a 'K' but not as the first letter. The Offspring however cannot have a 'K' on their name. One of the dragons that I'm about to reveal on the books is the banished Dragon of Death. There's gonna be others, but right now I need a name for this guy. I've written so many but none of them sound good to me. It must be an intimidating name, with 'harsh' consonants such as 'R', 'Z', 'D', 'F', etc.. Optional: There's also other three Elder Dragons. All dragons, besides the Dragon of Death, were in charge of taking care of a race such as humans, elves, orcs, etc.. The three remaining elder dragons created the High Elves, Wood Elves and the Sanguine Elves, who were later completly destroyed. The Elder Dragon in charge of the High Elves is going to show up much later on my story and is going to prove itself to be quite the challenge for the main characters as it is capable of manipulaing magic like no other. I also need a name for this dragon, something magical.. that would fit the elven race. I decided to do this thread because many of you have such amazing ideas and an incredible imagination. Two heads are better than one.
  16. I've seen several games. And Mass Effect mostly. It just feels weird. My head is dizzy and my eyes hurt. ( I wear glasses btw.)
  17. Ever since I started to see some 60FPS videos and some of my friend's recordings.. I started to get headaches and felt rather dizzy. I've never played a game in 60FPS, and I don't know how can people stand it. It feels.. unreal.. and it makes me feel worse than traveling on a boat. Why does this happen' to me? Some of my friends can't stand 30FPS... 60fps is disorientating to me.. I did some search but all I found were rage threads with peopel calling others "peasents" and laughing at their faces.
  18. Don't trust ebay and we don't have Walmart here.
  19. My dear Lara Croft... been with you for over a decade and for the first time I won't be able to play with you. ;-;
  20. Since I got my PS3 back in 2012 I always wanted to record myself playing games. Since I couldn't find way, I gave up. But now I am interested in doing some kind of trailers and other videos with my Mass Effect Shepard, but my PC isn't for gaming and I don't think anyone wants to see a 5FPS video on Youtube. Is there a way for me to record my PS3? I don't care about the sound really, just the image. P.S: I can't buy stuff.
  21. A friend of mine took a few screenshots of my commander Shepard since his PC is good and I play on the PS3. What do you guys think? x3
  22. If the comic Explains the whole story of ME1 then I might only get the second game. I already have the third one. I don't trust ebay. Also, if I buy it for 30, it'll cost 80 in the end because US =/= Europe.
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