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  1. Um, no. Square owns KH not Disney, all of the KH characters that aren't made by Disney can be used in whatever game square wants. Now i doubt that there would even be KH characters in a Dissidia, but, the reason, has nothing to do with Disney.
  2. 4GB Memory is the best, if you use your psp for something other then saving Data Install.
  3. depends on my commands. if im using magic alot, then no name, if im using abilitites, then void gear
  4. Granted, but your loved by your mother only. I wish I had some bacon.
  5. 1) It's under the "New Game" option. 2) 4GB memory stick pro duo.
  6. Granted but it's too salty I wish MF would die.
  7. Granted, but you keeled him, and Org. 13 is after you now. I wish I had more reps.
  8. Granted, but your jealous of his keyblade, and you keeld him. I wish my computer would stop double-posting...
  9. If i leave the school building, even take one step out, I can't go back in. One time, during lunch My dad brought me lunch money, and he was waiting in the parking lot, and i told the lunch patrol that I was going to go get it from him, and she said it was okay, then when I tried to come back in, THE SAME PATROL told me that I couldn't come back in once I left, and she locked the doors. I was later suspended for skipping school. /fail
  10. Granted, but she has the power of ugly. I wish I was Genie again!
  11. Granted, but she has the power of ugly. I wish I was Genie again!
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