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  1. joeybeta

    rumours of vanitas

    I can agree with Oishii. For all we know he might even appear in KH:DDD somewhere instead of KH3 or maybe both, but it's hard to see him in DDD as a possibility. @rikuluver15 agreed.
  2. joeybeta

    So i got Halo 3...

    Forge world(reminds me of minecraft). Minecraft(reminds me of Forge World). I like to build stuff in both. nuff said. (take that halo 3 forge)
  3. joeybeta

    Post your favorite quotes!

    ^ too long... did not read. jk Suckerpunch ftw. anyways... "The healthy human mind doesn't wake up thinking this is its last day on earth" -Captain Price (MW2) "You know, what can I say... I die hard" -Sonic (SA2) "If what you say is true, then i will respectfully accept my? fate... but I just need some time to uncover the REAL truth" -Shadow the Hedgehog "That was the worst throw ever... of all time" "Not my fault, someone put a wall in my way" Washington and Caboose (Red vs Blue) "Do a Barrel Roll" -Peppy Hare (starfox64) I know there is more but I'm too sleepy to remember... goodnight world
  4. joeybeta

    Who do u love?

    Aww I love you too. ^_^
  5. yes he did. yes he did. good times.
  6. joeybeta

    Favourite Multiplayer Combat Game?

    Super Smash Brothers Brawl Minus. because the regular one felt repetitive and IMO minus is more fun.
  7. joeybeta

    Where do you live?

    California. It's all good here but if I ever learn Japanese, then Japan is where I would live. =)
  8. joeybeta

    What's your sexual preference?

    Straight. I Don't mind being around people who are any other types of sexuality. Like Venteraqua said, we all rulez. =)
  9. joeybeta

    Hi all.

    Ha ha, thanks, the stalking must continue! and VENROXAS, your avatar is just win.
  10. joeybeta

    How did you find

    The back of a cereal box... or was it because a friend told me? idk. =p
  11. joeybeta

    Your first videogame?

    Super Mario 64 when I was 4. those were the days.
  12. joeybeta

    Hi all.

    @SK3 thanks and yea I've been coming hear more recently ever since I made an account even though I'm not much of a talk person, but I come out of my shell for a while at times. btw I like your sig. and then I read the very bottom a few seconds later =p @Zexion's_Lover_4 Thank you I'll keep that in mind although I'm not so good at asking questions for some reason. but i'll do the best I can. and I like your sig also. @luckey charm I will and your sig is just genius. =D
  13. joeybeta

    What's Your Nobody Name?

    Going by my real name, I'd say mine would be........... Sojex. Because the generator failed and called it Jaxson.
  14. joeybeta

    You know you suck at Kingdom Hearts when...

    When you need Micky to save your ass again from Vanitas at the Keyblade Graveyard.
  15. joeybeta

    Hi all.

    Yup after stalking this forums for a few days... I decided to say hi. =P