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  1. It's possible you're right, but we can't rule anything out. Remember though, a strong heart is the requirement to retain your body when becoming a nobody as well, so it's not that far a stretch.
  2. yen sid performed the ceremony on lea before he went, and merlin used his magic to perfom a 'hyperbolic time chamber' equivalent so he could do extended training in a short amount of time. Obviously lea wasn't 'skilled' or 'worthy' enough until saving Sora though. (or perhaps xehanorts heart went in to lea when he blocked it, which is why he was able to summon it after that?)
  3. http://www.gamefaqs.com/3ds/997779-kingdom-hearts-3d-dream-drop-distance/faqs/64749
  4. biggish update added yesterday - places to pet your DE's to get your desired disposition from every disposition.
  5. Hey, it doesn't matter which path you choose since you're not limited with LP. Secret Tiles only cost 10LP anyway. Some won't open up new tiles, but most will, or need to be opened up anyway to get to certain abilities or commands. Luckily, neither of them get new abilities on their Link Board via disposition either, so as long as you purchase it all, you'll have everything.
  6. http://www.gamefaqs.com/3ds/997779-kingdom-hearts-3d-dream-drop-distance/faqs
  7. I think you're overlooking that sometimes they'll display their happy dance even when nudging/petting them in a negative spot when they recieve the LP, exp, or affinity bonuses. If you got a negative disposition with a positive action, without any bonuses then ok, but I and many others have yet to see it, and it must be so small it's negligible.
  8. I must sound super arrogant disputing the Ultimania, even if only to a degree, it isn't my intention, but I am very, very confident in what I'm saying. I, and many others on Gfaqs who helped me write the guide experienced the same things, and I haven't (yet) had a single person claim the positive/negative thing is incorrect. I am not at all trying to argue against any formula there is for bonuses, I have no stake in that, nor interest. (If it happens it happens, can't really change that) And honestly, I can't say I'm in any position to even fully grasp the formula you just put forth. I suggest you play with a DE, doesn't really matter which one, and nudge/pet it according to the positive/negative rule. It has never failed me. The one thing I can guarantee is wrong on that, is that it says you can achieve any disposition eye colour by poking/nudging. I, and no one else I've talked to has found that to be true. It is Purple/Blue exclusively for nudging, and Green/Yellow exclusively for petting. This is 100% wrong. You will never, ever get a purple of blue eyed disposition by rubbing your DE, only POKING. Vice versa for green and yellow. Explain to me how I can, more than once get exactly the disposition I want for 51 spirits if I am wrong? The area you pet them doesn't matter, only if it's positive/negative. Where they like to, or don't like to be rubbed/poked ALSO changes with each disposition. TL;DR version based on many peoples accounts - No such thing as wrong spot - positive/negative is what matters - Purple/Blue from poking, Green/Yellow from nudging - If that's from the ultimania it's wrong. (I really hate saying the ultimania is wrong)
  9. yeah pretty much i used over 100 thousands munny in balloons doing it.
  10. http://www.gamefaqs....ance/faqs/64749 -I'm going to sound incredibly vain, arrogant etc saying this, but nothing is as complete as my faq when it comes to Dream Eaters. Explains dispositions, methods of petting (rubbing and nudging) and what attacks every dream eater will use in each disposition. This is not entirely accurate. It implies (actually outright states) that a DE will only change disposition when you pet them in a specific area. That isn't the case. They change dependant on whether you poke or rub them positively, or negatively. Purple: Negative Poke Blue: Positive Poke Green: Negative Rub Yellow: Positive Rub They will always change according to this, but sometimes you'll think you're doing something positive when you're actually doing something negative. (negative being when they jump up and down, shake their heads, growl at you, etc) This is because, even if you're doing something negative, if you recieve a bonus in affinity, exp or LP they will do their happy dance, regardless of positive/negative. You can only change their disposition once per visit to the spirit menu. Exit to the main menu and reenter and you'll have no trouble. That's why fighting and going back in made it happen quickly.
  11. water barrel is the best place for LP. at a 600-800 consistent score you'll get up to 100LP for a minutes work. Buy them in bargain flurries though, 20% off =D Food is also good, but can be expensive and SUPER inconsistent. Sometimes you'll see boosts of up to 40+ a piece, sometimes it'll be really though. Though I guess the added stat boosts can be nice.
  12. faith is stronger, less start time, wider radius. I'd liken it to rikus meteor crash vs meteor.
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