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  1. I know these will never come across the sea.... but I can hope, can't I?
  3. Just when you thought the Shadows couldn't GET any cuter!!!! :DDDD
  4. Replaying the pevious games, but also trying to keep my FREINDS from spoiling as much as hey can. Doing anything I can to keep myself from giving into that niggling temptation. "Just the Traverse Town cutcenes," I say to myself, "it's the first world, it couldn't hurt." BUt I know that if I do that then I'll go farther than them. Just a little farther, and then a little farther, and then I'll have watched the whole game. So I've been balanced on that balance beam, looking at those little "Click here for spoilers links" and talking myself out of clicking them. It's an incredible exercise in self-restraint, I recommend everyone try it at least once.
  5. Everyoene's complaining about the script changes and the voice actors; Sora is still the same, though it sounds like he's trying to raise his voice just a little to fit the younger look of Sora during the bulk of this game. I don't necessarily mind that, though - he doesn't sound TERRIBLE. YMX is VERY differet from David's usual tone, but I do think it's still him. As for oshua... People are thinking that they changed his voice actor, but I don't think they did; I'd need to hear more to be sure, like if they released more trailers, but I do think it's still the original guy. Also, I actually don't dislike the slightly more feminine tone for Joshua. ALthough... not THAT much more feminine. I think that the effect we're getting is because the NDS compressed the voices all to hell, they all came out a little tinny and that alters the tone. Here we have them in true sound; they're bound to sound slightly different. ANd, y'know, I actually LIKE most of the script changes.... Edit: After watching through again... Not quite so convinced it's Aaron Spann as Joshua - he's missing a tone the original had at the edge of his voice. But, even more convinced that it's Gallagher as YMX; the voice is MUCH deeper, but if you listen closely, all the tones match up to what you hear when he's Riku, just much deeper. Very, very good job of disguisng the voice - I almost couldn't tell they were the same.
  6. Let's just say that this was the first place I came when I asked myself, "What's something I can do in only ten minuts, but that will talk all ten minutes?" This happens numerous times per day. KH13 is also the answer to, "What can I do while I'm bored in class but want to look like I'm actually doing work?" and "What can I do on my 10-minute break?" As well as, "I'm waiting for my friend to get online but I'm totally bored but I can't leave the computer, what do I do?" ....so... *cough* Yeah, I check it all the time!
  7. Ahhhh okay! Sounds like what I'm doing~ I'll come back here and post my theory when I'm not being distracted by Ao no Exorcist~
  8. OH my god, is it ever fun! It's difficult to describe, it's definitely a high-paced action game, and it very much revolves around SHibuyan youth culture. It's got elements of the supernatural, an epically awesome story with some of the best character development I've ever seen, a gameplay that's both simple and infinitely complex and challenging... EEEE ITS SO AWESOME. OH AND NEW TRACKS TODAY AWESOME!
  9. Not as outside as you might think, sadly. Half the famnbase seems to think that the games are getting "Too complicated" and they will not buy KH3D because it will "be confusing". http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/sleep.png;;;;
  10. TWEWY is short for The World Ends With You, Subarashiki Kono Sekai ("It's a Wonderful World") in Japan, which is where Neku & friends, the Traverse Town guest characters in 3D, came from originally. It's one of the few DS titles to make Game of the Year, and it's considered by many to have one of hte greatest soundtracks EVER containing plenty of urban-sounding instrumentals along with modern vocal tracks. Takeharu Ishimoto was the composer. (Though not The Composer. Sadly.) You should pick it up! Just thinking about Ishimoto-san and Shimomura-san working together is giving me a fangasm!!!
  11. Oh my god, I totally agree, here. Every game, Yoko Shimomura outdoes herself, and with Takeharu Ishimoto coming in and collaborating with her, this soundtrack geekette is fangasming SERIOUSLY. Plus, in one of the Nintendo Directs, we got to hear a TWEWY track playing (Twister, I think) while Sora is talking with Neku - and since one of the interviews said (corect me if I'm wrong) Ishimoto-san is doing tracks that "are not just the TWEWY music", then that means that there will be MORE TWEWY MUSIC used. This is going to be a great game for soundtrack geeks. I can tell.
  12. Man, I can't wait to get home to watch those! Website is blocked at my school http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/sleep.png;;;;
  13. Well.... seven minutes to go, and no livestream yet, so I'm heading off to bed as I have a Game to run tomorrow afternoon. I WILL SEE THE EPICNESS WHEN I RETURN! I pray for trailers, for more Xion, for more Roxas, for some English, for VR stuff, for Dream Eaters... For Joshua...... coughnoreallyimnotafangirlreally
  14. Sounds like it! I can't wait 'till it comes out to see if your mindscrewy theory iscorrect. Meanwhile, I might be posting up my own theories on here somewhere, who knows?
  15. I do the same thing with walls of text, but the idea that the realm of sleep, and Kingdom Hearts, can be used to travel through time is indeed an interesting one.... there's a lot of science-babble in there, are you a budding physicist or something? JK, JK
  16. And yet still no announcement of any sort of livestream. Hopefully there's something, though! And if no livestream, at least a video afterwards and maybe some new trailers or announcements or info~~~
  17. Is it bad that that actually made sense to me?
  18. Yes. Well played, friend, well played. Raise your hand if you're going to stay up and wait anyway
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