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  1. Honestly, Ven originally being from the Chi era is about as likely as Maleficent being from that time, or Mickey, Donald and Goofy for that matter. He certainly wouldn't be the first character to show up in Chi in a time away from his own. /snark I forgot about that scene from the secret ending of bbs:fm and this is really has me thinking what other elements from bbs vol2 may end up in Chi. The scene with Kairi in Twilight Town seems possible now, I guess because there is so many places Chi could go right now. While I don't know if I agree with the specifics of your theory I am all for the general idea: Ven is asleep, the world of Unchained Chi is a sleeping world(?), therefore Ven is able to end up in the world of Unchained Chi. The relation between the realm of sleep, dream eaters, time travel, and the book of prophecies is key and I'm glad other people are theorizing about this. Welcome to the forums!
  2. Headcanon: Time magic and dreams are tightly interwoven. Why? The rules for time travel (must have a version of yourself at the destination, must leave your body behind, you can only go backwards, and you cannot change events destined to happen) are precisely what you would expect with dream time travel (you can only dream to events of your past, you don't physically go into dreams, you can only dream real events of the past, and of course what you do in your dreams can't affect what actually happened). How are the two concepts interwoven? I don't know. There are a number of times in DDD when Sora or Riku explains how visiting the dream world is like going back in time (e.g. Pranksters Paradise, beginning of Riku's story and end of Sora's story). There are also instances of time travel (Sora and Riku back on destiny islands) that one would doubtlessly identify as a dream if it were not for some stupid convoluted plot points about Sora and Riku having to reset their experience to learn to wield the keyblade the right way. If I had to bet they are going to expand on this in Back Cover to connect the book of prophecies up with the datascape (note: The Grid, a digital world, is in the realm of dreams) and the realm of dreams (recall chirithy is a dreameater). I wouldn't count on it making any more sense then, but I'm betting it continues along the same themes.
  3. Sly has pants? Murray has pants? I can't tell with Bently.
  4. It depends. What kind of zombie apocalypse is this: Is it the kind in Night of The Living Dead or the kind in World War Z? I'd probably go with fire but if a thousand bodies are combing after me I might feel a bit better about being able to fly away.
  5. True nobody has been confirmed but the secret ending heavily implies her ability to wield will become somewhat pivotal in kh3.
  6. Eighteen Worlds sounds like a bit much. I think Destiny Islands and Hawaii are too similar to both be playable in the same game. lol. I'm sure you already know this but Castle Oblivion and Land of Departure are the same place
  7. Its been a while since I've seen such a long post! Looks like it will be fun to read but I'll have to get to it later.
  8. Not in the slightest, but I am curious what they think they can do.
  9. If they were going down that road and removed Disney it would be called TWEWY 2. Those aren't original characters but its a funny thought.
  10. Can you even still sell ps2 games? Let alone those that are being remastered. I would wait for the remaster. There is not shame in not having completed the ps2 version, aside from maybe saying you did and then there is always the people who completed it way back when.
  11. It really depends but I would generally say I'm a bit nervous.
  12. I think I heard somebody talk about the game. They said the fans are crazy!
  13. This is the first time I heard that, but I have heard a number of time before that it has been confirmed family isn't important in kh.
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