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  1. I just Pre-ordered the Deluxe Edition. I'm not paying $269 for the Collectors Edition.
  2. I love Tales of Graces f but it preachs friendship way too much
  3. A tournament sounds interesting, I'll think I'll join when it's set up. Not many people can beat me and my main man Toad.
  4. I find it funny that after Wild Force none of the songs really flowed together until Samurai
  5. A tie between Tales of Vesperia and Tales of the Abyss
  6. I can't wait to see their lp of Re:Chain of Memories this winter. Its going to be awesome.
  7. You should go to Lostlorn Forest on route16 and rebattle the pokemon breeder that has the Tranquill and Liepard. He gives off a lot of experience ponits.
  8. Happy two years on kh13!

  9. easy-10/10 medium-8/10 hard-9/10 Hard really wasn't that hard
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