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  1. yay. its right after my best friends birth day. she can get me a present. and i hope that in the next game we can play as lea as a main caracter. maybe be able to change between the team members in combat. like play as roxas, then when you r at an disadvantage you can chage to riku, or terra (when he comes back) or kiari, or lea, anyone ( not donald or goofy, they stunk in 358/2) maybe have a combo attack between 3 characters. like roxas lea and xion. or aqua ven and terra. or even riku kiari and sora (when he comes back, (not for a while hopfully i just dont like him that much)). any combo. so cool.
  2. no way. i havent finished him in kh1 and in kh2 i had 1 health left he had 3 bars. 345 time fought. level 99 (124 time at that level). i was like "die son of a -bleep- die!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" won. cant go through that again. even though terra in final mix makes him look loke a shadow when u r at level 99
  3. oh my god did you just do a barney. that is just sad
  4. even yen sid was suprised by lea having a keyblade ha
  5. lea has a keyblade. lea has a keyblade. oh and what did they do exactly, nothing else has changed
  6. I really want to see if there will be the second keyblade war after the MX saga. i mean, he said that kh3 will end the "MX saga" not the series in a whole i am very hopeful.
  7. BeLa Martin

    Do you own a Nintendo DS or Nintendo 3DS?

    i sold my ds and pre ordered the 3sd. the price for it now is still not as low as i got it for.
  8. need 4 speed the run it is awsome
  9. BeLa Martin

    Axels death?

    Do not dis my axel, he was full of guilt and that leads to bad choses. what would you do if your best friend turned evil, your two new best friends died on your watch and the person that is just like your new best friend's love was ordered to be kidnapped by you. he does deserve a second chance
  10. i dont like sora that much he is to carefree he needs to show some pain in his face i mean it sigh all of my fav storys are ether ended of on pause i need something new
  11. BeLa Martin

    hey have you read the new pandora hearts

    me to as i read i could feel my blood run cold
  12. BeLa Martin

    Pokemon Black and White 2...seriously?!

    didn't both black and white come out just before the 3ds, i would have been fine with them making it a debute game for the 3ds and wait a few months. i pre ordered mine buy selling my old useless one. due to that the price was lower then it is now. i had 150 left, i could have bought the pack
  13. hey have you read the new pandora hearts
  14. BeLa Martin

    What are you currently doing in your life?

    Bellevue West go T-Birds