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  1. Naminé is...weird. There's really no explanation for it. At least we're never given one. The whole process of Nobodies and especially what happened to Sora and everyone connected to him when he stabbed himself with the keyblade of people's hearts is a business that was never well explained within the series...probably because the writers kept changing and adding onto it. So I wouldn't think about her too hard until KH3, that is if we get an explanation about her even then. My guess on what Naminé is, is that she's not a Nobody at all. Realistically she can't be. A Nobody is an empty shell (a body without a heart) that has taken to walking around on its own. But Naminé can't be a body because there isn't one for her to be. Sora's body was used to create Roxas. And it is shown that Kairi's heart enters her body so it wasn't Kairi's body that was used either. Kairi and Naminé obviously have some sort of connection but my guess is that Naminé is a being with no heart and thus was labelled a Nobody. It's more likely she is a physical representation of Kairi's powers, maybe her memories and maybe the connection between Kairi and Sora or possibly the representation of Sora's connection to all of his friends. That would explain her knowledge about everyone who's connected to Sora and her ability to control the memories.
  2. Hardly. It's not a well known quote or anything and you still need to know who says it.
  3. Never cared for Terry Pratchet's work personally mate but I do know who these guys are. Although to those who don't it was probably a bit of hint when their name is in one of the pictures.
  4. Thought about coming back to the site but then I remember why I left. Glad to see the site's still going strong and my old friends seem to be doing well. :)

  5. You're sort of missing the point here. I don't like what the site's become basically. Even if I block every person I find annoying that would leave very little content on this site for me nowadays, so either way I would leave the site because it's just not fun for me anymore.
  6. I just personally find their personalities annoying. They're not breaking the site's rules, so there was no need to bring in the moderators.
  7. I never said it wasn't insulting. I was saying that I hadn't meant to be. I know what I said could be very insulting to people and yes, I am stereotyping the new people but the world is built on stereotypes. Fair enough, I should have used the term 'almost' when describing the new people on this site. But seriously, if you expect me to have tried to make friends with every new person on this site, well then wow. Also I never said the new people were mean. Mainly they come across as idiotic, some times nasty or people that think they're a whole lot smarter or better than they actually are. BTW, no idea what you meant by condemning the same stereotype. I think you're either not reading what I'm saying or reading too much into it...
  8. Why the bloody hell are any of you upset about me leaving? You don't know me. I have never talked to any of you on the site. I've only ever even really seen a couple of you on this site. Okay, because people I'll be coming back and that I'm upset. I will start to answer stuff. No, I'm not upset. Actually I'm strangely calm. I'm not even sad to be leaving. There wasn't a big event that made me want to leave. The reason that I'm leaving is; KH13.com just isn't fun for me anymore. I came here to talk about KH theories and then I stayed to talk to people about other matters and I actually had some really good discussions and talks and I had fun with people. Now, there aren't any good things to talk about. None of the friends I made seem to frequent the site anymore and I don't like any of the new people that have come on. I think, especially since KH3D, the site has just become infested with a really annoying group of people and I just don't care for any of you. You're not my type of people. I don't mean to be insulting; I'm just being truthful. As for me returning to the site; well no. I can still come onto the site as a guest. KH13 is still a great site for KH info and I'll definitely be watching the KH3D english videos when they come out but the forums and the people on the site nowadays just don't make me want to stay. Like I said, this is a decision I've been thinking about for a couple of months now and I didn't really want to make a big deal of it but whatever. It's over for me. I'm not sad really. I'm upset that the site just doesn't seem as good (to me personally) than it was before, but that's life and I opened this chapter and I closed this chapter. The story started off well but it had a very anti-climatic ending.
  9. Yeah, I'm leaving the site. I would give a lengthy explanation on this decision which I've been thinking over for...practically months now but there really doesn't seem to be any of the people that would care about the explanation on the site anymore. If there is, a random or so friend, I'll message them. But yeah, bye.
  10. Or you know, just being able to speak the language.
  11. I THINK, similar to the mysterious figure, once you get to a certain point in the game you can go to a specific area and Julius will just appear. He should come out of the sewer gate in the middle of the Twilight Town Fountain Square Plaza.
  12. What I wanted was for Lea or Mickey or Donald or Goofy or SOMEONE to be captured (other than Sora and Riku because it would just seem cliché if Riku got captured and Sora couldn't be captured). Seriously, what I wouldn't give for a fight against Donald and Goofy or King Mickey. It would just be epic and you couldn't even fight them in Days. Maybe I was just looking for an excuse to beat up Donald and Goofy for all the times they have screwed me over but a Riku VS Mickey fight would just be so awesome.
  13. Wikipedia won't even give out a plot for these episodes or the series for that matter. I'm sorry, I've had a good hunting trip on the internet for a site to watch it on but I wasn't able to find one at all.
  14. You're being quite defensive here. I think I get it now, Sora96 is secretly the Prime Minister of Australia and has plans to use KH13 to turn Australia into a completely independent nation.
  15. I know I would have a whole lot less likes. I post stuff that a lot of people don't like to hear sometimes and I know that a lot of people would try to destroy me for that, but if we're gonna have a like system, the one we've got now is most probably the best.
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