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  1. Gargh! I hate page/word minimum limits.... Just because sometimes things are truly better with fewer words.
  2. And in the end they shall all merge into one, becoming the true Kingdom Hearts!
  3. I think Donald calls Scrouge Uncle, and Huey, Dewey and Louie calls Donald Uncle. So either Donald's Aunt/Uncle had triplets with one of Donald's brothers or sisters, or they call a lot of older relatives aunt/uncle (possibly including family friends).
  4. Here's mine: [*]Active Posts 1,075 [*]Profile Views 4,989
  5. Just keep on believing that that's the case... FMA is messed up at times.
  6. I am sorry to say that if it is anything like KHx, it is.And if someone doesn't have a smartphone there are various Android emulators for PCs if they still wanted to play.
  7. Oops, I said the wrong number for my lady luck. Though I would also be curious how many Japanese players would come over to dominate or to mingle with English speakers. And I definitely would not play a German localization of KHx f it gets released there and no where else. (if a localization DOES actually happen)
  8. I actually hope they don't allow that.Because, the old English speaking players from the Japan version would just wreck the rankings if they converted their characters over to the English version. (if any English version gets released)I have 5 attack cards with 70,000 attack and defense, I have 3 assist cards with over 500% lux and 60k+ HP (unboosted). And a level 31 Lady Luck Keyblade.I am not even the most powerful English speaking player, and even with spending tons of money it could take a long while for the new players to catch upto me.That's probably not a good thing for a business. To have these super players getting transferred over and just dominating everything.
  9. Isn't that what lots of shows are? Enjoyable garbage?
  10. Though you are user of KH13 so you are in KH13's database, so you are in KH13. And KH13 has KH in its name, so you are in KH! As for the latter part...I'm sorry for you.
  11. Yes, yes it is. If you surveyed the world you probably could find at least one person sexually aroused to almost every type of object. It wouldn't necessarily be impossible to find someone turned on by a light switch.
  12. That is an interesting question. To the best of my understanding, in English I am pretty sure Anime means Japanese animation. (sometimes also refers to the most prevalent art style from Japan animations, even though that can vary greatly) Though I am pretty sure that in Japanese Anime simply means animation regardless of origin. So in Japanese it Avatar would probably be an anime, and in English Avatar probably would not be an anime. My favorite anime? That one that makes me feel like I want to be a hero and do what's right! I am sure you have heard of it! (It isn't like I am describing 5 bazillion shows)
  13. Honestly that trailer did not sell the movie for me. I don't think I care to see it.On a different note, it is a trend that boggles me, the trend of turning a main character into a different ethnicity in adaptations. I mean it can work, it can be good, but to me it just feels like "oh we want to make sure we hit a larger audience and not seem racist!" Though I would have laughed if they changed the ethnicity of Ben Grimm just because, it is only going to be so long until he becomes a 'monster' and human phenotype won't matter.
  14. And here I actually thought it was a genre named after a demographic. I honestly didn't put two and two together for it being solely a demographic...I find the sky turning green was a nice touch.
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