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  1. I picked the power to protect others but really all three are probably equally important!
  2. I wanted an all of them option but since I didn't want to hit other I narrowed them down to Attraction flow and Disney summons. From there Attraction Flow narrowly beat out Disney summons. But the Pegusus and chariot though!
  3. I don't know I kind of agree with everyone else. I was really trying to think of this from all sides but I just thimk it is a bad idea.
  4. I have to start by echoing everyone else in saying that I don't know for sure. But I don't think so. At the begining of the game Riku is talking about the existance of other worlds and Kairi's role in his interest. In the middle of his monologue he uses the word if-if there are other worlds. Now like Riku and Sora this could have lead to theories about it but if Kairi did not know and the game seems to suggest that at first that even she wasn't completely sure then how could others know. Just food for thought!
  5. Its funn you mentioned Donald's healing. I am currently playing through Kingdom Hearts and I am getting really frustated with him right now. The magic part doesn't bother me but when I use an item to try and heal myself and then waste it!!!! Gurrr!!!!
  6. I like this forum topic! Around the internet you find alot of people spouting doom and gloom for Nintendo and the Wii U. I have even seen one or two saying Nintendo would need to abandon the Wii U! Its good to see that there are people out there who have other opinions, even Executives of other companies!!!
  7. Water!!!! I have always had a love for water Pokemon! I would love to be able to use Aqua Jet or Hydropump!!!
  8. That was my thought as well! When has he had time!!!
  9. I agree!!! I signed a petition for the localization of a game recently and have kept on top of what is happening with that. The thing that I have learned is that localizing a game takes alot of time and money!!! I don't want a game that is not as good as it can be!!! Now to anwser the question- I have seen posts saying that Jump Festa is when 1.5's release date was anounced last year. I think it is a safe assumption that it will be where 2.5's release date is anounced!!!
  10. To be honest it really pained me to hear Bumi and Kya talk about their pain. But at the same time I kind of understand- not so much the almost abandonment- but the temptation. He was the Avatar as well as the last airbender until Tenzin. The two combined put pressure on him. It would be nice to have the tree syblings adress this with Korra some time during the course of the series so she does not make the same mistake!!!
  11. Finally beat Sephiroth!!! Took me going to lvl 88 but it was worth it! Now I am starting over with the series and am going to play through all the games for the first time!

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      Is he talking about KH2, tho?

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      true lol

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      Sorry It was Kingdom Hearts 1 but thanks!

  12. Thanks for adding me!

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      You are most def welcome!

  13. I just got caught up with the story. It is really good, although it looks like your character is going to have to watch out how he battles from now on.
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