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  1. mgmkidKH

    Unchained X Black screen problem

    Well, it's not weird considering the app is not up on the Apple Store yet. Besides, the Android app released at Japanese midnight so that everybody could have downloaded it when the servers start running I think.
  2. mgmkidKH

    Unchained X Black screen problem

    The servers won't run until 12:00 p.m. (Japanese time). Edit: forget about it, I realized that's not your problem, sorry.
  3. All my PS3 & PSP games are developed/published by Square Enix.
  4. Maybe we see them all but, if that's the case, I think it will be like Dilan and Aeleus in KHBbS: a 1-2 minute cameo.
  5. mgmkidKH

    This year for Final Fantasy is loaded

    And where's the FFIX PC port? I'd prefer that rather than FFV or VI to be honest.
  6. mgmkidKH

    Optional/Secret Bosses

    From easiest to hardest, in my opinion of course: Monstro (if you count it as a secret boss), Vanitas Remnant, Master Eraqus' Armor, Mysterious Figure and Master Xehanort's Armor.
  7. mgmkidKH

    I'm Worried About FF XV's Gameplay

    I think that it must be really hard to create an action based gameplay system that is strategic too. In Action RPGs you have to make quick decisions, you cannot stop to think what commands you are going to use like in turn based RPGs. In the other hand, in action based RPGs, the strategic part of the gameplay is usually given by the way you perform your abilities. For instance, in KH2, when you're fighting a boss, you base your strategy on how to use your magic, limits, summons, drive forms and items. So maybe we should just wait and see what else Noctis can do. So far, we've just seen him using physical attacks, cooperative moves, warping and dashing. Let's wait until we can see what kind of magic he can use and how summons act in combat in this FF (I really want to know it we'll get to control them like in Type-0 or if they will be like an ally like in FFXIII, or if they will perform and attack then vanish like in FFIV).
  8. I nominate Lightning Returns for Best Game of the Year. Maybe Drakengard 3 too; it's a really underrated game with a beautiful soundtrack and a great story.
  9. Pls, no. The final showdown between the 7 and the 13 must be epic. I swear that if I see Aladdin fighting Xehanort, I'll jump into a car...
  10. Updated with part 2! (in case you're still interested on this lol)
  11. I think this is a nice way of hearing the new re-orchestrated tracks. You simply have to click on the name of the song that you want to listen to and that's all. PS: If this is spam just tell me and I'll delete it
  12. mgmkidKH

    Do You Think KH3 Will Ever Come To PC?

    Well, last year when it was announced they said it could be released in any platform that supports Direct X 11, so (if that hasn't changed) there's always a chance.