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  1. Yes, but "he" said that the game wont focus on story.I think that there will be old NCPs, not new ones
  2. Ther are no new characters.In the pc gamke you can customize your own avatar like re:coded. The pc game will be like an online game ( leveling up, buying costumes, attending battles, battle with other players,etc...)
  3. My opinion:1Mickey 2Riku 3Ven 4Aqua 5Terra 6Kairi-There is a reason fot the secret video to exist 7Lea-There is a reason for him to get a keyblade Sora is out because he didn't become a master and will follow another path in KH3.(I think) Terra is out because he is a part of Terranort, revived from the destruction of ansem & xemnas. Wrong writing I mean sora or terra is out.
  4. Neither the darnesses nor the lights have to be pure. This was his old plan.
  5. Maybe, but its the only way to explain how they got summoned at the wolrd that never was & the only way tosummon to the keyblade graveyard. However, to travel to future, I think you must have a vessel & thats the part where terranort comes in to summon them at the keyblade graveyard. Anyway, thanks for agreeing to my theory.
  6. My thory is that in KH universe when you travel through time, you cannot come back but your body stayes behind and lives like the time travel never happened.The robe figure traveled through time to bring ymx to the future & to tell him about time travel so he could travel in time evry time he changed form (Xemnas,Terranort,Etc...) In that way, every one could gather in the world that never was. After the events of Kh3 happened they all traveled in the future in the keyblade graveyard.(This was proggramed to be done from before(Braig:What now you Old Coot. We are running out of time.) However because sora was saved, they were lacking a 13th darkness. The darkness must be The master xehanort revived by the destruction of ansem & xemnas(Terranort, not old master xehanort).
  7. How the **** Julius has just duble hp of ursula?!
  8. Level, Keyblade, and Dream Eater Abilities don't matter because the trick is to cause Julius NOT BEING ABLE TO ATTACK.They only help beating him faster. Try a keyblade with high magic.
  9. Introduction: This is just another guide on how to beat Julius. However, this guide is somehow different from others you may have seen. It's based upon a trick that I discovered and correct usage of it can result in an easy fast victory. Using the trick, I have beaten Julius in less than 20 seconds. Requirements: You must have all magic haste abilities 6-7 ballons (not baloonra / ballonga) 1 Curaga (not really needed but have it in case sth goes wrong)-If equiped set the deck to skip recovery* Once you have these, it's time for the trick. The trick is to cause Julius NOT BEING ABLE TO ATTACKwhile he takes damage continiously. Once the battle starts, start avoiding his attacks. Be sure to be close to him. Once he stops, go in fornt of him and quickly start casting balloon. I you are lucky enough he will be caught in the trap. Keep casting balloon till the battle is over. How it works: Fact : Julius stops attacking for a while if he takes massive damage on his head. When you cast ballon only 2 of the balloons appearing hit him. Then he tries to attack but that causes the 3 baloons left to cause massive damage on his head. Because of that, he stops and it all goes from the begining till the end of the battle. Thanks for choosing my guide on how to beat Julius. Tell me if it worked for you. I may add a video soon
  10. ultima weapon It is original and has better design than overdrive...I hope
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