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  1. have you ever regretted making an account

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      holy shiitake mushrooms

  2. The only worlds I'll outright expect are Frozen (due to it's massive popularity in Japan and Yasue mentions it quite often.) and Jungle Book. (Got cut twice and I really can't see it getting cut a third time in the third main game.)
  3. I think Final Cackletta deserves it the most out of all of those (you actually didn't even list it) because I've been waiting to hear a good arrangement of that for years. Just imagine what it'll sound like with actual electric guitars. mmm~
  4. I'm hoping at the very least there's a battle theme from the M&L series music wise. I only wanted to see Little Mac as a playable character so anyone else is a bonus at this point.
  5. I think it'd cause more of an outcry than a positive response, I can already see the Kotaku article now.
  6. http://destati.jp/ Surprised to see this not on the main page.
  7. fakh dolan is bak

  8. Tails, you should add a list of stages that are already in the game (which I have made) to the OP Stages:3DS:Battlefield: 3DS ver.Nintendogs + Cats stageSuper Mario 3D Land stageNew Super Mario Bros. 2 stageThe Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks stageGerudo ValleyFerox ArenaUnknown Stage (possibly a Donkey Kong Country stage)Wii U:Battlefield: Wii U ver.SkyloftAnimal Crossing: City Folk stageUnknown Boxing-like Arena stageDr. Wily's CastleWii Fit stage --------------------------------------------------------- I'd love to see another Kirby stage, maybe one based off of Kirby's Return to Dream Land.
  9. The internet, but it's more of a joke. My favorite game is Kingdom Hearts II: Final Mix and I doubt that'll be topped (unless KH3 is the best shit ever made or they make a HD 2.5 ReMix)
  10. If it remains apart of the story, I say Sora recovers Ventus from the Chamber of Sleep. Also MX dies.
  11. I've been interested in this game, but no one I know owns a PS3 besides me. Can anyone tell me why it's 'the best game ever made'?
  12. I never beat KH1 (don't hurt me) so I guess I'm in for a treat. Funny that the only KH games that I've never beat were KH1 and KH:CoM. This game is perfect.
  13. I couldn't of said it better. You should admit your feelings to him eventually, maybe it's obvious to him; but you should do it regardless. Try to get to know him first though, anything can help.
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