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  1. Been watching KH13 vids for a few years give or take, but didn't join till about 6 months ago or so.
  2. I prefer to OWN my games, so that game companies can't take them away. But I've purchased a few games digitally, though mostly ones where I had no choice.
  3. So (as many people already know) they're using DDD facial models. Meh, I'll buy this. I don't think I ever miss out on a KH game aside from 1+2 FM, and original Coded. And V-cast
  4. Great, you get to play an extra boss, and have a couple new abilities. KH1 FM content is nothing like KH2FM content. And I'll be playing the game, but no one can deny that not including KH2FM is lame. No matter how much of a blind 12 year old Square Enix Fandrone you are.
  5. Then ignore me. Also, it's likely 2.5 won't come until 2014. Nearly 2 years from now.
  6. No one's happy about them leaving out KH2FM. And the thing about Nomura wanting FM content to stay Japanese was just an example.
  7. Like I said, it's not so much about milking, but the ignorance of the fanbase. All of my animosity would go away if Square were to release 2.5 in 2013 as well, instead of waiting a year.
  8. Then just make it 3 games and cutscenes. If you put in anything less, are you really going to argue that it's not "milking"? I mean, like, what? Is there some type of Sony law that says ONLY 3 games per collection? As far as I know, there isn't. And putting only 3 games is just milking. Basically, Square better put KH BBS in HD collection 2.5.
  9. Wait, are you telling me that releasing BBS' cutscenes is only possible if KH2 stays out of the collection? Blu ray discs (what PS3 games are on) hold 25 GB for single layer discs, and 50 GB for dual layered discs. BBS was 1.7 GB, and KH2 is 3.7. There isn't a snowball's chance in hell that SE could not fit KH2, or BBS' cutscenes into one PS3 game. Hell, if they didn't do scenes, that makes it take even less space. It's pretty obvious that not only do they want t sell two games, but make sure that both games have what people want. I'm sure many people (including me) would be glad to pay for an HD collection twice. Especially if you get FM games, if you care about that. All in all, there is no logical defense for SE, they could have fit it all in one collection, and if they had BBS to make it four games (I wouldn't be surprised if they just made it the cutscenes, but unlike with other games, BBS can translate due to lack of dual screens). I don't care what kind of defendrone argument you can come up with, but these are the facts.
  10. It's not really a hard conclusion to come to. An assumption would be: This won't be released in NA because Nomura prefers FM content to stay Japanese. It's not really a hard conclusion to come to. An assumption would be: This won't be released in NA because Nomura prefers FM content to stay Japanese. That's because the other games in those series were either last gen, or a gen ahead. Any collection that followed a single story, and had 3 games in the same gen had 3 games, like Tomb Raider, Hitman, Jak and Daxter, and Devil May Cry. hell, even MGS on the PS3 had 3 games. Because there were only two games that were made. Most collections that had 3 games in the same generation had 3 games. No one can really defend Square not putting KH2 in the collection.
  11. So that SE can milk the fanbase. if they included KH1, Re:CoM, and KH2 like they should have, then people would have less reason to buy the impending 2.5, as it would be missing -KH2FM-.
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