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  1. cant you just redownload it? cause how could you get another account? sorry if this sounds rude but that statement really didn't make sense
  2. ohmigosh! i love that game! it so much fun!

  3. NOOOOOOOOO! thats when im in school! and i cant ditch cause its graduation, oh well, thats what youtube's for
  4. it's going to be on spike? omg! what time, cause i have school too... T.T
  5. what?!? when did it say that? and you dont bleed from having darkness extracted from your heart. send me the link
  6. no, sorry i bet that sounded stupid 'http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/sleep.png, i ment was that he had his shirt on when Vani was created, so why was his shirt off? no, i dont, i probably would be scarred for life if i knew.
  7. yeah that part kinda scared me, i was like "what did he do to him? D:"
  8. hahahaha i wasn't the only one who noticed ven was shirtless in the opening cutscenes!
  9. i miss the good old days when toonami had all the good amines that they used to show, like i watch naruto and the old dragonball z. that was probably the only reason i stayed up on sat. nights. i feel so old
  10. *cries on inside* oh my glob! and this is why vani will forever stay on my favorite evil people in Kh. >w< they should bring him back in KH3. Great Job translating!
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