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  1. Happy one year on kh13, Nightfall!

  2. NightfallXIII

    Young Justice

    I liked Young Justice.
  3. NightfallXIII

    Poor Wii U

    How did I know this would happen? In my opinion (and I am stating just mine, it is in your right to agree or disagree) the Wii wasn't really that good, and the only Wii games I ever really played on it for more than a couple of hours were SSBB, DBZ:BT3, the Bakugan games, and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed. Really, the PS3 and Xbox 360 were just superior. If you ask me, having your console be almost the same as the original but with a new gimmick pad and better graphics that the Xbox 360 and PS3 (which are technically last gen in the sense that the PS4 and Xbox 720 are coming) already had and then naming it after your old crappy console but with a "U" at the end is not really a bright idea. In fact, now that I think about it, I really mostly use my Wii to play my Gamecube games, which is really sad since my parents dumped a lot of money to buy it for Christmas when I already had a Gamecube. Man, I haven't really enjoyed a Nintendo game since the Gamecube era (with a couple of exceptions such as LoZ and SSB). Again, this is all just my opinion.
  4. NightfallXIII

    Creatures Game

    Altair eyed Silver questioningly. He asked, "Is that...a tail? And ears?" He shook is head and went over to the nearest wall. He then hit his head against it. 'I am so dreaming,' he thought, 'Or not since my head hurts considerably.'
  5. NightfallXIII

    Creatures Game

    Altair couldn't help but crack a smile at that one. "As long as we're not the Turbo Rangers or Samurai Rangers, I'm open," he said. 'Though being a complete good-doing martial artist really isn't my style,' he thought. Then he thought out, "Being a Zeo Ranger would be cool though.
  6. NightfallXIII

    Creatures Game

    Altair shrugged. "I dunno," he said, "Someone's probably just messing with us all. It would explain the whole "game" concept." 'Or perhaps all of these guys are just messing with me,' he thought.
  7. NightfallXIII

    Creatures Game

    ' "Commence"?' Altair thought. He decided to speak up. "Do you mean, 'let the game commence? I heard it before I woke up here. Sounds like you all heard the same." He pause for a moment, then looked at his own silver bracelet. "How much do you figure this is worthy, anyway?"
  8. NightfallXIII

    Creatures Game

    Altair woke up after he heard the words, "Let the games commence." "Ugh, shut up..." he said, rolling over...and right off of his bed. 'Ouch,' he thought, getting up. He looked around the room he was in. 'What the...? Where am I?' He got up and looked in the closet for clues, only to find his long black coat. As he put it on, he noticed the silver bracelet on his wrist. 'And where did this come from?' he thought, 'Whatever it is, I'm sure that I can sell it somewhere around here...wherever here is.' Searching the room some more, Altair found a rubber band and tied his long hair back into a ponytail. He exited the room and wound up in a hallway. 'I seem to be in an apartment building...' Walking a little, he saw two people (Derik and Silver). "Hey," he said as he approached them, "Can you tell me where I am?"
  9. NightfallXIII

    Creatures Game (Sign-Ups and Discussion)

    Thank you. Character Sheet: Name: Altair Fireheart Age: 16 Gender: Male Appearance: Black hair held in a ponytail. Has brown eyes and pale skin. Wears a long black coat (not the org XIII one, more like the matrix type of coat), white shirt, jeans, and black fingerless gloves. Altair 5' 6." Personality: A boy of few words, but with a strong, if not harsh, sense of justice and a huge temper hiding behind his quiet demeanor. He's quite happy to let others take the lead, though he's not antisocial, in any way, however. Altair will speak up if prompted, pushed, or if he loses his patience. First Creature: A female wolf named Lupa. Infinite Loop
  10. When it comes to anything on FFvsXIII, I'll believe it when I see it.
  11. NightfallXIII

    Creatures Game (Sign-Ups and Discussion)

    Just a question before I make any commitment: Will you kill me if even if I'm not online? The amount of time I spend on KH13 has been reduced due to school, choir, and the fact that my sister is a computer hog. I'll try to get on to try not hold everything up.
  12. NightfallXIII

    Kingdom Heart's Wrong Answers Forum Game

    Magic, of course. Why does every other evil or dark keyblade have an eye in it? Creepy.
  13. Nah, Pokemon's become too repetitive and overall the same to me.