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  1. One minute of awesomeness!First thing that came to mind was HMK and SkywardWings collab from a while ago,but these minute melees are non-researched so I was glad Sora won!
  2. First you have to beat the final chapter. Then go to the keyblade gravyard and select badlands. You must first fight vanitas lingering sentiment. After you beat him, return to the land of departure. youll find him there.Be warned though,he's 10x harder than Vanitas!
  3. I thought this was pretty funny,besides the mispronunciation and wrong age.
  4. So many tracks I've loved the first time around have been remixed!I especially love the ancient highway track!
  5. It was nice!wish the kingdom key came with the Collector's edition though...
  6. I mainly like science,and anything dealing with biology.Sociology would be my second.
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