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  1. i bought the handkerchief from a different site and it never got to me. It calculated the price in USD but i never got the item. I'll see if they are good
  2. Hi! I'm alive. Been forever. Anyway awhile ago they released some hot items that i think are only in japan. Such items are the handkerchief, some cool art mugs/glasses, i think some pjs too, etc. My question is does anyone know if they are coming to USA eventually or is there some way i can get them? I really wanted the handkerchief thats black and grey and the pjs of the same color that youtuber HMK has. If anyone has info id much appreciate it.
  3. Yea I bought them. And i think the afro is glitched. I got rank 200 and got another board and then it gave me 180
  4. I just got to levl 193 and got the Galactic Afro. I fully completed both genders which gives a total cost up of 2. My cost was at 178 and should go up to 180 but it did not go up at all even though i got both cost increases. Is this a glitch or did they lock it at 178?
  5. I got this today after update. Is it replacing a boss or can you only get it in the very high levels?
  6. Thanks! Now i can just do 57 3 times haha
  7. My party people say that the behemoth is the best boss for experience but i find the guard armor is fine too. The only issue with guard armor was the HP but that's valid since you can stun him for 5 turns. So since im level 187 should i lean towards the behemoth or guard armor?
  8. Oops...I bought one. I'm just waiting for boss/villain medals to be released so I can get some cool ones.
  9. How does he stream like that? i wish i could do that haha
  10. Ugh. I have too much respect for KH to think about cheating on it. Oh well.
  11. I just noticed some people were over 200 in the Top 10 ranks. My party member is 200 and said he cant level up anymore but people are over the limit. Are they developers there or is there something you gotta do?
  12. Im in ucronis, unicornis? However you spell it haha. I'm also in the party organization XIII
  13. I hope soon since they announced english release so long ago it seems. I'm just playing the japan version to get a feel of gameplay, and i like it!
  14. Got it on iOS because I couldnt wait for english since it seems like forever. Anyway my name is: evl1312 ID: 2661081
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