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  1. I have already put the premium board information on the wiki. And what do you mean by "weekly extravaganza"?
  2. 2) I love it, I'll just need to dissect it to learn how to use it.3) Originally it was just "Title", but I had asked it to be changed to Title Banners. It redirects from Title as well, but not from Titles. I'm fine with either, so I think we should gauge others' opinions on the page. Also, on the topic of material numbers, it is likely a variable but there's also likely a minimum/maximum. I've noticed on some stages that the materials often seem to be the same, as well as the fact that the sparkly patches are always in the same place every time. It would require a lot of people to get this information though.There are places like the dailies that are easy to get information on though. For example, the third Mythril stage gives 1-4 Crystals guaranteed.
  3. Ah, I think I actually misunderstood. I was basing it on the "Recent Changes" times.
  4. Yeah, so did I. ​Apparently NA isn't allowed to have that. She's less useful than Aerith right now.
  5. It's actually UTC -2 which is extremely weird because I'm certain that's the least populated time zone in the world. Is it possible to change it? The server operates on PST so I think that would be the best bet.
  6. "Deleting a wikia Wikias can only be closed by. If you would like to request a wikia's closure, please send a message to . However, closure is rare as they are community projects, so please provide as much information as possible in your request to explain why." From http://community.wikia.com/wiki/Help:Delete EDIT: The relevant page: http://unchainedx.wikia.com/wiki/Special:Contact/close-wiki ​I'd send in the request.
  7. Ahhh I can't believe I'm just seeing this post now.​Anywho, I have two requests, both @http://www.khunchainedx.com/wiki/Title_Banner​A) May I change it from alphabetical to categorical? I strongly believe it to be both visually and functionally superior.​​B) May I write each title in plain text beside/under each image of the title? This would help with people trying to find a specific title, through both the search toolbar as well as the search function (CTRL+F) on the page itself.​I would have done so already but I didn't want to step on anyone's toes, so to speak.
  8. I don't even understand this.​Like it's great that they're AoE. But you up the SP cost AND you change it from two tiers to one tier ATK up, whilst reducing the SP multiplier slightly? I want to slap whoever made these changes.
  9. No, the other premium boards are fine. They're cheaper and give better boost medals. I'm just talking about the new Zootopia ones. ​Especially since the Judy and Nick medals got nerfed. If anyone needed to know, the Title Banners for the boards are simply Nick, and Judy.
  10. About four hours a day. The first 6 days it was out I'd play around 10 hours on average.
  11. Unless you're changing the 6* MAX images, I don't think the images are going to be even remotely different. Otherwise we'd have started on it some time ago. It's simple to understand that that's just his name in JP.
  12. http://www.khunchainedx.com/w/index.php?title=Auron&curid=128&action=historyWhen in doubt, check the page history. People are encouraged to write summaries for changes that would be questioned.
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