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  1. people are still wondering if this is coming to America? Man Gametsu really got you guys worried didn't they.
  2. the 360 doesn't sell JRPGS in America well at all (Tales of Vesperia anyone?) Kingdom Hearts was a sony game from the beginning and Sony needs more stand alone titles since Microsoft always has to have the same games that were orginially meant to be PS3 exclusives (Dead Space). KH as far as console titles go need to stay on a Sony system. If you ask me the PS3 is the better system compared to the 360 (and don't call me a fanboy I have both systems)
  3. your probably right but im hoping for a mid 2013 release instead of a late one which means we won't get it till this time next year
  4. no need to be like that it was a JOKE dude..or girl . Either way why does it really matter? If its included awesome! if not oh well! My point was that I'm not the only one who thinks DDD won't be included in 2.5 but the only way we are going to know is wait and see when its announced.
  5. KH as a whole has sold better in North America than in Japan so not to release it outside of Japan would be stupied, I'm just suprised Square actaully worked on a game BEFORE announcing it its usually the other way around.
  6. idk if KH3 will be out by 2014 it would be nice though. This is my theory since 1.5 was in development for a year before it was even announced and is already in its final stages I think its very possible that 2.5 is already in its early stages of development. As much as id like for 2.5 to release in late 2013 i think a early 2014 release is more likely. Especially since Nomura has already teased and pretty much confirmed 2.5 This is my timeline 2011: 1.5 begins development. TGS 2012: 1.5 announced. 2012: 2.5 begins development Early 2013: 1.5 released in Japan Mid 2013: 1.5 released worldwide TGS 2013: 2.5 announced Early 2014: 2.5 released in Japan Mid 2014: 2.5 released worldwide 2014: KH 3 begins development TGS 2014: KH 3 announced 2015: KH 3 released
  7. it will be the Final Mix version I don't get why people are finding this hard to believe
  8. still the point is DDD is not even a year old remaking it would of made making it for the 3DS a waste of time and money, they should of just made it a console game if they were going to do that
  9. I just don't think DDD will be included, if it is it will only be the cutscenes like Days and Coded. Mostly because it was made with 3D in mind and also the Dream Eater function uses the touch screen on the 3DS so how are you going to port that to the ps3? Birth By Sleep will be playable mostly because the PSP plays like a sony console and the graphics of BBS are on par with the console games hecK BBS was originally going to be on the ps2. I'm not the only one who thinks that DDD will probably be the only one not in 2.5 cause it just doesnt seem likely but if it is then awesome.
  10. Except it was just revealed that the game has been in development since last year before it was announced, its in its final stages so early 2013 for Japan, mid 2013 for worldwide just in time for 2.5 to be announced at TGS in late 2013 for a 2014 release. so in other words KH 2.5 is probably starting development now or soon
  11. Completly remaking Days would push it to 2 years or more, we already have fans complaining about where KHIII is and that would of made it worse. I look at it this way if they hadnt made it just cutscenes and remade the whole game people would of complained about it taking forever and is a waste so either way people aren't going to be happy. I'm fine with it being just cutscenes if i want to play the game I'll play the game.
  12. really? Am I the only one who re-played every KH game everytime a new one was released? I doubt DDD will be remade it just released this year
  13. Very Happy if adding reaction commands and making the camera in KH1 like the one in KH2 wasnt enough, we learn that Days will be 2 to 3 hours worth of footage which to me is awesome also he even teased KH 2.5! But to me the biggest news was that only TWO programmers worked on it and its already almost done...ONE YEAR 2 guys get a HD collection done and square as a whole can't release a game in 3 years. But I was very happy with it already being in the final stages of development and that Nomura wants it out ASAP but I won't be really happy till a NA release is confirmed and dated. maybe they think fans want KH HD more than FFX HD? 10 wasn't my fav. FF so yeah I'd rather have KH HD.
  14. wasnt the point of this whole thread was for people to give their opinion on the secret message? I figured this out before DDD even released so don't blast people for taking part in the thread.
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