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  1. I thought that too and that's why I was surprised when I saw that I had unloked it! It's either a bug/glitch or the team decided that the story told in it was very important to the overall plot and made it available in all modes...!!!
  2. The same thing happened to me but I was playing it in beginner mode and it was my first playthrough!!
  3. Nope, only beginner!! That's what I thought too!!!
  4. Well, I always start KH games in beginner mode in order to obtain 100% completion (or as close to it as possible) and then I move on to critical in order to unlock any secret stuff. That's what I did in 2.5 too but I somehow managed to unlock the secret episode in beginner without playing critical. I just finished all of the 3 stories and I was level grinding with Terra and when I saved it said that I unlocked it! I searched everywhere on how to unlock it in beginner mode but everyone says it's impossible!! Does anyone have any idea on how I did it? Because I haven't!!!
  5. Well, Photo Mode would be cool... You know, like the one in The Last of Us Remastered!!
  6. Well, I thought about them changing and adding buttons in order not to use a touch sceen but think about the Reality Shifts in TWTNW or Symphony of Sorcery...how will they be done without a touch screen?
  7. I wanted to start this topic since KH II.5's announcement but now that KH 3D HD is anything but confirmed it is time to do it!! So, here are the reason why I believe that KH 3D HD won't come to the Wii U or the PS3 but to the PS4: First of all, it wouldn't make any sense marketing-wise! Why advertise a Wii U game in the credits of a PS3 game? Secondly, if it were to come to the PS3 many things would need to be changed because the PS3 does not feature a touch screen and it wouldn't be the KH 3D we all know and love. So, the only possible console that's left is the PS4! Before you start saying that the PS4 does not feature a touch screen either let me remind you of the second screen feature of the PS Vita or the Companion App for Android and iOS. Not everyone has a Vita but don't tell me that not everyone owns a smartphone, so it is definetely possible for this to happen ( I'm not even mentioning the touchpad of the DS4 because it would be extremely difficult to use it for some feautures)!! Also, as far as I know, a game has yet to use the second screen feature on the PS4 (NO, THE PLAYROOM IS NOT A GAME) so it would be nice to see that happening and I don't think that either the smartphones or the Vita will have any problem at all displaying everything that was happening on the bottom screen of the 3DS during the game. Plus, it would help Sony sell some PS4s and Vitas if they bundle them with KH 3D HD!! And I know that Nomura said he wants to gather all the games on one platform but it would make sense for the last chapter before KH III to be on the same console as KH III. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that it is impossible for the game to come to the PS3 or the Wii U (or even both), but I believe that the PS4 has the better chances of getting the game!!! Please share your thoughts!!!
  8. Thee is no problem with the HDMI cables and I don't mind unplugging the PS4's HDMI cable and plugging the PS3's one and vice versa (I will get a new TV with more than 1 HDMI inputs soon anyway). The problem is that that although the PS4 sounds perfectly fine through the amplifier's speakers the PS3 does not!! It sounds only through the TV's speakers!
  9. I've tried everything in the Sound Settings menu but nothing happened!!
  10. So, my dad recently gave me an old Nikko amplifier that he used when he was younger in order to put it in my bedroom and have something like a mini home theater! I hooked it up to my TV (22 inch Philips) and it sounds perfect! I have my PS4 connected to my TV as well with an HDMI cable and it sounds awesome but I have a problem with my PS3. You see, my tv has only one HDMI input so I plug in my PS4 when I want to play with it and my PS3 when I want to play with that, but the sound of the PS3 only comes out through my TV's speakers and not through the speakers I have connected to the amplifier! Does anyone know why this happens and how I can fix it? It works perfectly fine with my PS4!!!
  11. DLCs are sometimes free!! Rockstar has released only free DLCS for GTA V so far, so if SE wanted to do it they could easily make it free but there is no reason to do it because by the time KH III is finished KH II.5 will be 2-3 years old!!
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